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Body Cam Shows Cops Slam 8-Months-Pregnant Black Woman as They Let White Woman ‘Who Started Dispute’ Go

Officials in Barstow, California defended officers caught on body camera footage slamming a pregnant woman to the ground because she would not provide identification – even though all charges against her were dismissed. The footage, obtained by the Southern California … Read More

Video: Swedish Cops on Vacation in NY Show American Police How to Subdue Suspects Without Hurting Them

Four Swedish police officers vacationing in New York sprang into action to break up a brawl on a train – and did so without the brutality that has been seen all too often on grainy cell phone videos over the … Read More

Indiana Pizza Owner Brags About ‘No Gays’ Policy, Gets Destroyed on Yelp

An Indiana pizza restaurant is under fire after its owners bragged about their “no gays” policy on a news broadcast. Crystal and Kevin O’Connor appeared on ABC 57 to show their support for Governor Mike Pence’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration … Read More

Obama Is Smack In The Middle Of A Brewing Fight Over Workplace Wellness

If you work for a big company that offers you health insurance, chances are that your employer has asked you to take part in some kind of “workplace wellness” program. It might mean nothing more than answering a few questions … Read More

Some Chris Christie Supporters Now Turn Their Backs

He does not return phone calls. He does not ask for support. He arrives late for meetings. And he acts as if he has all the time in the world. Politics News on The Huffington Post

Rep. Alcee Hastings Says Old Texas Dildo Law Shows The State Is ‘Crazy’

A Florida congressman is not backing off his assertion that Texas is a “crazy state,” and he’s now citing an old law restricting dildos to make his case. “One of their cities has a law that says that women can … Read More

California Gun Company Selling ‘Obama’s Blaster’ Gun Barrel

A California gun company has announced a new product named after the President. The ‘The Obama’s Blaster,’ by Ares Armor, is a gun barrel that, according to the description, is so named because “Yes we can build a firearm product.” … Read More

Bernie Sanders Exaggerates Claim About Income Inequality

The following post first appeared on FactCheck.org. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders claims that “in America we now have more income and wealth inequality than any other major country on earth.” Not really. Sanders excludes nations such as Russia, Turkey and … Read More

Conservative State Senator Has Made Some Real Progress In Legalizing Medical Marijuana

This story was originally published by Ozy. It’s a crisp Thursday afternoon in the Deep South — Dallas, Georgia, to be specific, population 11,000. A movie theater is packed with some 50 people angling for a clear sight line to … Read More

Secrets To Get The Social Security Administration To Help You

When it comes to Social Security questions, there are two problems: getting them answered accurately and getting them answered at all. – This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our … Read More

‘There’s Not A Failsafe’ If NSA Programs Expire, Administration Says

WASHINGTON -– The National Security Agency will begin shutting down its massive bulk data collection systems one minute before Congress is scheduled to convene on Sunday to consider reforming the agency’s expiring surveillance powers. A senior administration official said Wednesday … Read More

Mark Levin Scolds Fox Newsers Who Were ‘Mocking’ Santorum: ‘Kind of Harmful’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin scolded some Fox News talking heads today for “mocking” Rick Santorum right after he made his presidential announcement. And while he didn’t name any names, it was the hosts of Fox News’ The Five that … Read More

6 Simple Questions Everyone Can (And Should) Ask About Data

A data fabrication scandal has rocked the media and academic worlds. In December 2014, many media outlets reported on a seemingly groundbreaking study that purported to show how conversations can change opinions about same-sex marriage. Fast forward six months, and … Read More

Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Rand Paul on ‘Religious Freedom’ – Don’t Christians Sell Cakes to Adulterers?

On Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart called out Senator Rand Paul for trying to make opposition to gay marriage a “religious freedom” case. “It seems like gay marriage looms a lot larger in the minds of … Read More

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Wants Ruth Bader Ginsburg Impeached

Roy Moore, the chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, said he thinks U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan should be impeached because they’ve officiated same-sex marriages. In an interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, … Read More

Historian And Author Of ‘The Pacific’ Hugh Ambrose Dead At 48

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Hugh Ambrose, who wrote the World War II history “The Pacific” after years of researching for his father, the renowned historian Stephen Ambrose, has died at age 48. Ambrose died of cancer Saturday in Helena, sister … Read More