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Trump Resisting Calls for Mock Debates

It seems Trump is going to “wing’ the Presidential debates, as he does not want to over-prepare against the Clinton campaign. The Hill reports: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is declining calls to take part in mock debates ahead of … Read More

Trump: GOP ‘Must Do Better’ to Connect with Black Voters

Donald Trump blasted the Republican Party on Sunday, saying that they “must do better” to reach out to black voters. .@realDonaldTrump: I'm running to represent those who "don't see anyone speaking up for them": "I am your voice." https://t.co/4dC4B032C9 — … Read More

Sanders: I’ll Stay in ‘Until the Last Vote Is Counted’

Bernie Sanders said on Thursday that he will stay in the race until “the last vote is counted.” “Well, we’re going to stay in until the last vote is counted, and that will be in the primary in Washington, D.C.,” … Read More

Trump: I’m ‘Much Richer’ than Romney

Donald Trump fired back at Mitt Romney on Friday, making fun of him for being poorer than he is. “He’s an elitist, but I don’t consider him elite because I’m much richer than he is,” Trump said at a rally in … Read More

Trump: Sailors ‘Went Through Hell’ with Iran

Donald Trump offered his opinion on the recent capture of several U.S. soldiers by Iran, suggesting that they “went through Hell.” “These 10 wonderful soldiers who went through hell, by the way,” he said on “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.” … Read More

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Praises Trump in Op-Ed

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was featured in an op-ed on Wednesday in which he openly praised Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. “I know Donald Trump personally, and while I currently have no plans to endorse a candidate before Florida’s March presidential … Read More

Trump Lays out Plan to Reform Veterans Affairs

Donald Trump announced a new plan to reform Veteran Affairs on Saturday at a campaign stop in Norfolk, Virginia. The billionaire Republican candidate made it clear that it was time to bring about change. “We’re going to take care of … Read More

Polls Show Tight Races in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton step into the final months of their campaigns, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan become battleground states. Hillary, however, has a slight lead over Donald, according to Emerson College polls. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton and … Read More

Trump Camp Disavows David Duke After Robocall

The Trump campaign published a statement Monday after white supremacist David Duke aligned himself with Trump in his own bid for the Louisiana Senate. Duke was a former KKK leader. The Hill reports: Donald Trump’s campaign late Monday disavowed the … Read More

White Lives Matter Labeled a Hate Group

White supremacists have created a hate group called White Lives Matter in response to Black Lives matter, which they view as racist. The Hill reports: White Lives Matter, a group of white supremacists opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement, … Read More

Former Reagan Official: Trump ‘a Risk We Can’t Take’

Charles Fried, a former solicitor general during the Reagan administration, believes that America will be worse off under a Trump presidency. The Hill reports: America can’t afford to gamble on a Donald Trump presidency, according to a former solicitor general … Read More

Kerry to Media: Scale Back Terror Coverage

Secretary of State John Kerry believes that the media can influence people to commit terrorism, especially if they seek attention for their actions. The Hill reports: Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Bangladesh that the media is … Read More

UConn GOP Won’t Back ‘Mentally Unstable’ Trump

College Republicans at the University of Connecticut believe that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be President. The Hill reports: The University of Connecticut College Republicans say they cannot back GOP nominee Donald Trump for president. “Entrusting the nuclear codes, … Read More

Gary Johnson: Trump ‘Fumbling’ on Immigration

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson believes Donald Trump’s flip-flopping will harm the GOP’s campaign to the White House. The Hill reports: Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson says his Republican counterpart’s waffling on immigration policy — first “softening” and then … Read More

Huma Leaving Weiner: Private Decision, Not a Public Discussion

Huma Abedin is separating from husband and former Congressman Anthony Weiner after he was embroiled in another sexting scandal. The Hill reports: If you watched the recent documentary “Weiner,” you probably were not surprised when the news broke this week … Read More

Trump Surrogate Defends Tweeting Cartoon of Clinton in Blackface

African American Pastor Mark Burns tweeted a cartoon depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface, in response to his perception that Hillary is only courting the African American community for their votes. The Hill reports: An African-American pastor who has become a … Read More