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Kentucky Clerk Refusing to Issue Same Sex Marriage Licenses Married 4 Times, Cheated on Husband

She may opposed same-sex marriage on Biblical principles but she has no problem betraying the Lord when it comes to her own sex life. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, the official refusing to issue all marriage licenses in opposition to … Read More

Elite Israeli Ex-Security Chiefs Tell Bibi To Accept Iran Deal

Many Israeli ex-generals and former security chiefs have signed a petition urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, which he strongly opposes. — This feed and its contents are the property of … Read More

Video: Swedish Cops on Vacation in NY Show American Police How to Subdue Suspects Without Hurting Them

Four Swedish police officers vacationing in New York sprang into action to break up a brawl on a train – and did so without the brutality that has been seen all too often on grainy cell phone videos over the … Read More

Indiana Pizza Owner Brags About ‘No Gays’ Policy, Gets Destroyed on Yelp

An Indiana pizza restaurant is under fire after its owners bragged about their “no gays” policy on a news broadcast. Crystal and Kevin O’Connor appeared on ABC 57 to show their support for Governor Mike Pence’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration … Read More

California Gun Company Selling ‘Obama’s Blaster’ Gun Barrel

A California gun company has announced a new product named after the President. The ‘The Obama’s Blaster,’ by Ares Armor, is a gun barrel that, according to the description, is so named because “Yes we can build a firearm product.” … Read More

Jeb Bush Would ‘Of Course’ Support Donald Trump If He Won The Nomination

WASHINGTON — Over a month ago, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush vowed that he was “done” talking about Donald Trump. This week, however, the former governor of Florida was forced to change tactics and attack the real estate mogul head-on … Read More

Brian Pagliano, Former State Department Employee Who Helped Hillary Clinton Set Up Email Server, Takes The Fifth

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former State Department employee who helped Hillary Rodham Clinton set up her private email server said he will assert his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before the House committee on Benghazi. Attorneys for Brian Pagliano … Read More

Wall Street Punishes Troubled Student Loan Giant Navient Corp.

Investors fled Navient Corp. on Wednesday, sending shares in the nation’s largest student loan company to an all-time low as federal consumer regulators prepare a possible lawsuit targeting the loan specialist over its alleged mistreatment of borrowers. Navient stock closed at … Read More

Funny or Die Lampoons Anti-Gay KY Clerk with Parks & Rec Mashup

The Kentucky clerk who’s refusing to issue gay marriage licenses is now being lampooned by Funny or Die with a Parks and Recreation mashup. Kim Davis has repeatedly refused multiple orders to issue gay marriage licenses and is even now … Read More

Bryan Cranston Looks Identical To LBJ In First Photo From HBO’s ‘All The Way’

If you thought Bryan Cranston was finished nabbing all the Emmy awards when “Breaking Bad” finished, you were every wrong. Cranston is headed back to the small screen with HBO’s adaptation of “All the Way,” and by the looks of … Read More

Obama’s Iran Deal Will Survive As 34th Senator Announces Support

WASHINGTON — A nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers that promises to fundamentally alter the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and beyond will not die in the U.S. Congress. On Wednesday, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) announced that … Read More

Fossil Fuel Execs Made Twice As Much As U.S. Pledged To Help Fight Climate Change Overseas

WASHINGTON — The top executives at the largest publicly held fossil fuel companies in the United States have made nearly $ 6 billion in the last five years — enough to double the U.S. commitment to addressing climate change abroad. … Read More

West Point Prof Argued ‘Treasonous’ Scholars Can Be Treated As The Enemy

A professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has resigned in the wake of a controversial article in which he made the case for targeted attacks on legal academics who are too critical of the war on terror. … Read More

Fox’s Goldberg: Nets Avoiding #BlackLivesMatter Chants Due to ‘Racial Manners,’ White Guilt

Fox News’ Bernie Goldberg told Bill O’Reilly tonight that major networks are ignoring anti-cop chants from #BlackLivesMatter because they want to show “good racial manners.” Goldberg said he’s not happy with how networks have covered the killing of a Texas … Read More