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Radio Host: Michael Brown Attacked Officer Because He Was ‘Hyped Up On Marijuana’

Radio host Bryan Fischer has been molding his Ferguson narrative since last week, painting Michael Brown as a “menacing” giant who was justifiably killed while assaulting a cop. On Friday, it all came together for Fischer as he proclaimed that … Read More

Conservative “Journalist” Calls James Foley a Coward for What ISIS Made Him Say Before They Killed Him

In a video released by terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a bald man they claim was missing journalist James Wright Foley knelt in the sand somewhere in the desert. A man dressed in black from head … Read More

WTF? Missouri Lt. Governor Wants ‘Anglo-American’ Justice Reinstated in Ferguson

On Tuesday, Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder called for a reinstatement of ‘Anglo-American’ justice to calm the unrest that has continued to erupt in Ferguson after the shooting death of Michael Brown. Speaking to MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, Kinder said he … Read More

Good Lord! Pat Robertson Just Said If Healing Prayers Don’t Work, Blame the One Who is Sick

Octogenarian televangelist Pat Robertson is never short of advice – or people seeking his wisdom – on his 700 Club broadcast. Yet, especially when it comes to medical matters, Robertson’s advice can be downright dangerous and mean. Just last month, … Read More

Klan Leader Says the Guy Organizing the KKK Fundraiser for Darren Wilson is Just a Poser

Last week, thanks to a tip-off by so-called Imperial Wizard Charles Murray, the  media got wind that the Klan was raising money for  ’hero’ Ferguson cop, Darren Wilson. “He is a hero!” the e-mail obtained by the SPLC read. “We … Read More

Laura Ingraham Analyzes Ferguson for Fox News: ‘Thugs Are Thugs’

Fox News brought on right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham to give her take on what happened in Ferguson and, in true Ingraham fashion, she broke it down to “thugs are thugs.” Fox News host Steve Doocy asked her why “somebody … Read More

KKK Heads to Ferguson to ‘Guard White Businesses,’ Support Shooting of ‘N*gger Criminal’

The Ku Klux Klan is heading to Missouri to raise money for the officer who shot Michael Brown and to “guard white businesses.” Of course, the Klan doesn’t quite have the guts to go into Ferguson, instead settling for Sullivan … Read More

Conservative Columnist Compares Ferguson “Rioters” to KKK

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where (mostly black) citizens are engaging in daily protests and are met with violent police action, including tear gas and sonic weapons, leaves people with many questions. While there have been some instances of looting, … Read More

Vilifying the “Criminal Class” in America: All Are Equal, But Some More Equal Than Others

While America is a country built on a number of ideals, the one which seems to fail most often is that of equality. Yes, we’ve made incredible strides in a short amount of time – given our tumultuous history – … Read More

Racist Cleveland Signs Asks if Congress Has the ‘Testicle Fortitude’ to Impeach Obama

A Cleveland sign maker has decided to show her disgust with Obama by posting a huge billboard featuring black, hairy testicles. “Sometimes you’ve got to put things out there in order to make a point and get people to turn … Read More