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Clintons Made $153 Million off Speeches: Report

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton charges outrageous fees for her speeches and that the dirty Wall Street money she has received does have a purpose behind it. The latest report has revealed that Bill and Hillary received $153 … Read More

Trump: Sailors ‘Went Through Hell’ with Iran

Donald Trump offered his opinion on the recent capture of several U.S. soldiers by Iran, suggesting that they “went through Hell.” “These 10 wonderful soldiers who went through hell, by the way,” he said on “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.” … Read More

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Praises Trump in Op-Ed

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was featured in an op-ed on Wednesday in which he openly praised Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. “I know Donald Trump personally, and while I currently have no plans to endorse a candidate before Florida’s March presidential … Read More

Trump Lays out Plan to Reform Veterans Affairs

Donald Trump announced a new plan to reform Veteran Affairs on Saturday at a campaign stop in Norfolk, Virginia. The billionaire Republican candidate made it clear that it was time to bring about change. “We’re going to take care of … Read More

Trump: Bush ‘Had to Bring in Mommy’ to Help

Donald Trump made fun of Jeb Bush on Saturday when he criticized his Republican opponent for calling on his mommy to help him in the election. Wow, Jeb Bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy … Read More

Sanders: NH Can Be First Step in ‘Political Revolution’

Bernie Sanders is pushing hard in his campaign efforts. On Friday, he called on voters to join him in the political revolution. “No president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else can bring about the changes that the middle class and working … Read More

Poll Finds Tightening GOP Race in New Hampshire

The latest GOP poll released on Friday has revealed a tight race in New Hampshire. The poll was released by Suffolk University/Boston Globe. Donald Trump dominated the vote with 29 percent support, while Marco Rubio took over second place with … Read More

Murdoch Floats John Kerry as Last-Minute Dem 2016 Candidate

News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch thinks the Democrats should turn to Secretary of State John Kerry as an eleventh hour candidate. Watch Hillary's candidacy sink and sink. Nobody buying and more big trouble coming on emails. Dems looking for replacement. … Read More

Trump: Obama Apologized to Muslims in Mosque Visit

Donald Trump criticized President Barack Obama on Friday for apologizing to Muslims in his mosque visit. He was speaking to a crowd in Florence, S.C. “And then President Obama yesterday goes to a mosque and he apologizes,” he said to … Read More

Cruz: Trump ‘Rattled’ by Iowa Loss

Ted Cruz suggested that Donald Trump was rattled by his recent victory in Iowa. “Donald Trump is very rattled right now. He told the entire world he was going to win Iowa and he didn’t win. His reaction was to … Read More

Poll: Sanders Holds 2-to-1 Lead over Clinton in NH

Bernie Sanders continues to dominate Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, holding a 2-1 lead over her. According to the latest CNN/WMUR poll, Sanders has 61 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 30 percent. The Hill reports: Since the January poll, … Read More

Des Moines Register Calls for Audit of Sanders-Clinton Result in Iowa

The only group to declare Iowa a victory was Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Anyone else with a sensible mind knows that the caucus system is heavily flawed and that coin tosses should never dictate the future political history of the country. The … Read More

Sanders Beats Clinton in January Fundraising

The latest campaign financial reports for Bernie Sanders have revealed that he outraised Hillary Clinton in January. Throughout January, Sanders managed to raise $20 million, while Clinton only brought in $15 million. “We invested early in organizing and that investment … Read More