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Sarah Palin Breaks Silence on Family Brawl, Picks Fight With CNN

First, Bristol Palin spoke out about the brawl that has made the Palin clan the butt of jokes recently. Now, mama Sarah has broken her silence on ruckus backyard row. Taking to Facebook, Sarah made it clear while others were … Read More

California Gun Company Selling ‘Obama’s Blaster’ Gun Barrel

A California gun company has announced a new product named after the President. The ‘The Obama’s Blaster,’ by Ares Armor, is a gun barrel that, according to the description, is so named because “Yes we can build a firearm product.” … Read More

Republican Official: Gays Will Make It Legal to ‘Rape and Murder Young Boys’

A Virginia Republican district supervisor and head of the religious right group Public Advocate of the United States has sent an email to his followers claiming that gay rights groups will allow sexual predators to “rape and murder young boys … Read More

Rep. Steve King Gloats Because Gay People in the Media Will Never Get to Heaven

Rep. Steve King just can’t stop talking these days.  Just this week, the Iowa Congressman made news after flapping his gums about how immigrants are bringing Ebola and beheadings into America and turning it into a “third-world country.” He also found … Read More

Turning on Their Own? Prominent Birther Says Ted Cruz is Ineligible to Be President

It was no shocker when far-right Republicans tried to claim Barack Obama was an illegitimate President because he was born outside the United States. Nor was it a surprise that when Obama finally produced his birth certificate that the conspiracy … Read More

Top VA GOP Advisor: Gay Sex Leads to Men ‘Wearing Diapers,’ ‘Pooping Their Pants’

A top adviser to Republican Congressional candidate David Brat, who defeated Eric Cantor in the primary, is under fire for posting multiple anti-LGBT messages on his Facebook page. On Wednesday, Steve Waters wrote, “I will say this, if homosexuality is … Read More

Republican Congressman: Suicide Is The Result of ‘Lazy People’ Relying on ‘Government Handouts’

Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska has come under fire for his statements about suicide this week. On Wednesday, Young spoke at the Palmer Senior Center in Wasilla where he discussed his recent appearance at a high school, noting one … Read More

Megyn Kelly’s Fox Report on Voter Fraud is So Bogus, It Has Its Own Snopes Page

Snopes is a popular web page dedicated to debunking myths and busting internet rumors, often from fake websites like Empire News and the National Report. Now, it appears Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has earned her own page on the site. On … Read More

GOP Attack Ad Features Murdered Little Boy, Family Demands It ‘Crosses the Line’

A Minnesota woman saw a grisly reminder of the tragic murder of her 4-year-old grandson every time she turned on the television. A GOP attack ad, running regularly on the air, featured the dead little boy as an example of Democratic … Read More

Erik Rush Says Obama is a Playing Psychological Games, Just Like a Nazi Guard

The far-right just can’t help but compare America under Obama to Nazi Germany, especially when they are trying to claim their rights have been denied. Just this September, for example, ardent anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbara told his fellow anti-gay crowd,“They’re … Read More

Michael Savage: If GOP Wins Senate, Congress Should Arrest Obama For ‘Treason’ and Send Him Back to ‘Indonesia or Kenya’

Michael Savage, truly one of the country’s most vile people, called on Republicans to arrest and try President Obama for treason if they are able to win back the Senate in November. On Tuesday, Savage asserted that President Obama’s impending … Read More