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Daily Archives: October 25, 2013

Was Rep. Alan Grayson’s Tea Party-Ku Klux Klan Comparison Out Of Line?

Did Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson cross the line with an e-mail that compared the Tea Party to the KKK? Grayson sent out an e-mail earlier this week that included an image of two Klansmen standing near a burning cross, with … Read More

Ukrainian Extremist Sentenced To 40 Years For Muslim Murder And Bombing

A 25-year-old Ukranian was sentenced in a British court to a minimum of 40 years in prison for the murder of an elderly Muslim man because he was “not white,” as well as a mosque bombing. Pavlo Lapshyn managed to … Read More

Shutdown Fallout Sparks Internal GOP Money War

The fallout from the government shutdown has hit the Republican Party hard, finally causing establishment Republicans to see exactly what kind of damage ultra-conservative Tea Partiers can cause the GOP brand. After years of being outspent by Tea Party primary … Read More

Millennials Will Retire 12 Years Later

According to a study by NerdWallet, current college graduates are expected to retire at 73, 12 years later than the current median retirement age of 61, because of soaring student loan costs. With tuition having skyrocketed by 200% over the … Read More