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Daily Archives: October 29, 2013

Cruz: Notion That Stand Your Ground Laws Are Some Form Of Veiled Racism May Be A Convenient Political Attack

A hearing on the controversial Stand Your Ground laws was held in Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Among the attendee was Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. Senator Ted Cruz spoke during the hearing and pointed out why the Stand Your Ground … Read More

Naomi Campbell Criticizes Victoria Beckham’s Lack Of Black Models In Spring 2014 Show

Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham had patched up their feud from years ago, but it seems that the two divas may be fighting again. Campbell is reportedly fuming over the fact that fashion designer Beckham only included one black model … Read More

Wendy Williams Slams Julianne Hough Blackface Halloween Costume

Wendy Williams was not a fan of the blackface Halloween costume that Julianne Hough wore over the weekend. The Dancing with the Stars champion dressed as Orange is the New Black character “Crazy Eyes” (a.k.a. Suzanne), but appeared in blackface by darkening the skin … Read More

Conservatives, Liberals View World Very Differently

A new poll by ABC News/Fusion has found huge gaps in the way conservatives and liberals view basic social issues like race, gender, and religion. As it turns out, perhaps the deadlock in Congress is very representative of the stark … Read More

ACA: Rising Premiums or Changing Marketplace?

All week, Republican members of Congress and television talking heads have been up in arms over Barack Obama’s broken promise to let everyone keep their health plan and prevent a rise in healthcare premiums. In reality, both sides are playing … Read More

Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing Off Wikipedia

Making gaffes on a campaign trail is common for many political candidates. It appears plagiarism is not that uncommon either. Herman Cain and Joe Biden were caught doing just that. Rachel Maddow caught Senator Rand Paul plagiarizing in a speech … Read More

Ann Coulter: Replublicans Can Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 With Someone Slightly Better Than Todd Akin

Ann Coulter joins HuffPost Live’s host, Marc Lamont Hill, for an interview on her new book, “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican.” During part part of the discussion, Coulter was asked who she thinks could beat … Read More