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Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

Barclays Center Faces Major Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

The Barclays Center is being accused of racist treatment by three African-American luxury box holders. The Brooklyn arena is being sued for $4 million by three black employees at Ludwig’s Drug Store in Prospect Heights, who purchased rights to a … Read More

Gun Ownership Linked To Racism, Says New Study

Does owning a gun mean you’re racist? A new study from researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University examined how racism and gun ownership among whites is linked, and came up with some startling conclusions. The study showed … Read More

Is This The Worst Congress Ever?

Many on both sides have referred to the 113th Congress as the worst ever and several recent studies may confirm that this is exactly the case. According to a slew of research, the 113th Congress is the least productive, least … Read More

Cory Booker Increases Diversity in Congress by 0.2 Percent

With Cory Booker being sworn in as the new senator of New Jersey, diversity in Congress has increased by all of two-tenths of a percent and the Senate now has a grand total of two black senators. Booker is the … Read More

Al Sharpton To Ted Cruz’s Father: Like Father, Like Son

When asked about the controversial comments by Cruz Sr., Ted Cruz’s office pointed to a statement that the Communications Director, Sean Rushton gave to Mother Jones. The statement by Rushton said, “The selective quotes, taken out of context, mischaracterize the … Read More

Ted Cruz’s Father: Send Obama Back To Kenya

Last year, Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, said he wanted to send President Barack Obama back to Kenya in a speech during a Tea Party gathering. Videos have surfaced showing Rafael Cruz making the controversial comment. Cruz Sr. also called the United … Read More

Rachel Maddow On Rand Paul’s Response To Wikipedia Plagiarism Charge

On Monday, Rachel Maddow pointed out that Rand Paul lifted a few parts of a Wikipedia page on the 1997 movie Gattaca for his anti-abortion speech in support of Ken Cuccinelli. The speech was almost verbatim to the Wikipedia entry. … Read More

Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At The Media For Using His Comedy As An Indicator That Obama Is At Tipping Point

Jon Stewart talked about the disasters of unveiling President Obama’s healthcare plan and how it has made the president some fierce adversaries, himself in particular. Stewart shows a series of clips of the media weighing heavily on his jokes and … Read More

Democrats Could Lose Voters to… Disinterest

While the Republicans try to get the negative taste of the government shutdown out of the voters’ mouths before next year’s midterm elections, a new study shows that the Democrats could lose a huge percentage of voters in coming years … Read More