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Daily Archives: November 5, 2013

Ted Cruz’s Father: Objective Of Homosexual Marriage And Evolution Is To Destroy Traditional Family And God

Videos of Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, suggesting that we send Obama back to Kenya surfaced earlier. A new video surfaced, showing Rafael Cruz making more controversial remarks. In this recent video, it’s about how Marxism is destroying the … Read More

Richie Incognito Racist Video Goes Viral

The racism scandal that Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito is involved in has just gotten much worse for him. He was accused last week of sending racist texts and voicemails to teammate Jonathan Martin, which included calling him a “half-ni**er.” … Read More

Virginia Mom Dresses Child In Ku Klux Klan Halloween Costume

A Virginia mother is defending her decision to dress her child as a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween. Jessica Black put her 7-year-old son, Jackson, in a Klan robe and said it was a tradition in her family. But … Read More

Voters to Decide Future of GM Food, Gambling, Marijuana, and More

While voters in Virginia and New Jersey vote for a governor and voters in the biggest cities around the country decide their new mayors, voters will also have the chance to vote on dozens of referendums that will have huge … Read More

Election Day 2013 News Updates: VA, NJ, NYC, Boston, Detroit

There may not be any federal elections today but there is plenty at stake for Democrats and Republicans around the United States this Election Day. From two key gubernatorial races to key mayoral elections in the biggest cities in the … Read More

Maddow On Paul’s Immature Response To Plagiarism Charges

The battle between Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul over Paul’s plagiarism charge has entered week two. Maddow pointed out that Paul was lifting parts from sources for his recent book and speeches. The sources include Wikipedia entries and right-wing think … Read More

Rand Paul: Would Duel Against Rachel Maddow If I Could

Since last week, Rachel Maddow was all over Rand Paul for plagiarizing his speeches. It started when Maddow caught Paul lifting parts of a Wikipedia entry on the 1997 movie Gattaca during a speech he made in Virginia in support … Read More