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Daily Archives: November 8, 2013

Justin Bieber Accused Of Racism Over Brazil Monkey Graffiti

Was Justin Bieber’s monkey graffiti racist? The singer is currently in South America as part of his Believe world tour, but has been drawing controversy for tagging buildings and walls throughout South America with graffiti. However, his latest tagging is … Read More

Home Depot Under Fire For Racist Monkey Tweet

Home Depot briefly posted and then took down a racist Twitter photo that has outraged Americans. The racist Twitter photo shows two black drummers sitting next to someone in a monkey costume with drumsticks, captioning the photo: “Which drummer is … Read More

$10 Federal Minimum Wage Bill Gains Traction

As the state of New Jersey raised its minimum wage to $8.25 and the Washington city of Sea-Tac raised its minimum wage to $15, a Democratic-led movement to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 is gaining traction with President … Read More

Gov Pat Quinn Pledges to Sign Illinois Gay Marriage Bill

While most of the nation’s attention was on elections this week, both the Illinois state senate and state house passed a bill legalizing gay marriage, making it the 15th state to allow same-sex unions. After the bill passed the senate … Read More

Brazilian Models Stage Topless Protest To Combat Fashion Industry Racism

More than 30 female models (and some men) of African descent staged a topless protest in Brazil to combat racism within the industry. The Afro-Brazilian models held the topless protest in Rio de Janeiro to protest a lack of black … Read More

Scotland Parlors Offering Free Swastika Tattoos

Scotland is up in arms over tattoo parlors throughout the European country that are now offering free swastika tattoos to anyone who requests them. Five tattoo shops have signed up for the event next Wednesday in order to “reclaim” the … Read More