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Daily Archives: November 12, 2013

Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito Denies Being Racist In New Interview

Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito has given his first interview since being accused of sending racist voicemails to teammate Jonathan Martin, saying he regretted his choice of words but denying that he was a racist. The NFL player said that his words were … Read More

Pennsylvania Superintendent Given $40,000 Payout After Sending Racist Texts

A Pennsylvania school superintendent who resigned after sending racist text messages was given a $40,000 payout by the Coatesville school district. Coatesville Area School District Superintendent Richard Como, along with  Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato, resigned before the … Read More

While Voters Reject Their Ideas, Republicans Rig The Electoral System

Republican approval ratings hit record lows following the October government shutdown with just 32 percent of the country having a favorable view of the GOP. Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone says the question we should be asking isn’t “Why did … Read More

Air Force Sexual Harassment Enforcement Chief Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Krusinki, the head of the Air Force’s sexual harassment enforcement, was indicted on sexual assault charges on Monday. The charges stem from a May altercation between Krusinki and a woman who claims she groped her in an Arlington … Read More

Miley Cyrus Lights Up Dutchie At EMAs In Amsterdam

Proving how naturally she can spark up a Dutch crowd, Miley Cyrus was met with roaring cheers after smoking what appeared to be marijuana at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam. The actress-turned-diva lit up onstage after receiving the … Read More

Rachel Maddow: Apocalypse Groups Are Trying To Use U.S. Foreign Policies To Bring About The End Of The World

Rachel Maddow reports on how foreign policies towards the Middle East were made in 2004 by the George W. Bush administration. Reports suggest that the top Middle East staffer on the Bush’s National Security Council was secretly meeting apocalypse groups … Read More

Palin On America’s Debt: This Isn’t Racist, But It’s Going To Be Like Slavery When That Note Is Due

At a fundraiser event held by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, Sarah Palin talked about American debt and how the government has no plans to stop the accumulation of debt. Palin said that the people are being deceived and … Read More

Will Republicans Prevent Extreme Fringes From Gaining Political Ground?

Can Republicans eliminate their most extreme political candidates? Republican party leaders are now looking to try and have more viable and moderate politicians square off against democrats in political elections, fully aware that aspects of the Republican movement like the … Read More