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Daily Archives: November 13, 2013

Bill Clinton Grills Obama For Misleading Healthcare Comments

Amidst what is already becoming President Obama’s lowest point in approval ratings, former President Bill Clinton spearheaded the disillusionment of many Democrats by chiding the implementation of the Affordable Health Act as well as Obama’s misleading statements regarding the option … Read More

The Woman Who Became The Face Of The Obamacare Website Speaks Out About Cyberbullying

After the failed rollout of healthcare.gov, everyone was searching for the mystery woman who was the face of the Obamacare website. Her photo has been removed from the site but she continued to get bullied. Going only by the name, … Read More

Both Parties Blast Secret ‘Job Killing’ Obama Trade Deal

In a rare show of bipartisanship, separate coalitions of Congressional Republicans and Democrats released statements chiding President Obama’s push to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement by the year’s end. Critics on both sides cited concerns over the secrecy of the … Read More

Prison Culture: Thousands Serving Life Sentences For Petty Crimes

A new report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has revealed that thousands of Americans in prison are serving life sentences for non-violent, often petty crimes like shoplifting or possession of crack cocaine. In many of these cases, the … Read More

Sarah Palin Talks About The Unfair Treatment Of Women Candidates

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin joined CNN’s Jake Tapper for an interview to promote her new book and to discuss several issues. Among the issues discussed were sexism and the treatment that a candidate gets because of their appearance. During … Read More

Sarah Palin On Chris Christie And Obamacare Rollout

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin joins Newsmax’s Joe Concha for an interview on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s chance in 2016 and the Obamacare rollout. Concha kicked off the interview by asking Palin why Christie is not her first choice … Read More

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Falls Way Short Of White House Goal

Despite the White House expecting ObamaCare to be flooded with new customers, actual enrollment has been far lower than expected. The goal was to have 500,000 enrollees in the Affordable Care Act by the end of October, but only 40,000 … Read More

Will Elizabeth Warren Run For President?

Will Elizabeth Warren run for President? An increasing number of progressives are encouraging Warren to try and make a bid for the 2016 Presidency, with the popular Massachusetts Senator being viewed as a more liberal alternative to Hilary Clinton. Although … Read More