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Daily Archives: November 16, 2013

Mitt Romney: The President’s Dishonesty Is The Real Problem

Mitt Romney and his wife joined Charlie Rose on CBS to talk about the problems of the Affordable Care Act website, the health care system, and immigration reform. Rose asked Romney if there was anything that he wanted to tell … Read More

Michele Bachmann: I Lost My Health Insurance Under Obamacare

During a debate between Michele Bachmann and Paul Begala, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Bachmann if she signed up on the exchange yet. In a frustrating tone, Bachmann replied, “Are you kidding. I’m not gonna waste an hour on that thing.” … Read More

Post-Employment Economy: Record Unemployment Among Tech, Advanced Degree Holders

Concerned that your college major choice was a mistake? It might not matter. In an editorial on AlJazeera.com, author Sarah Kendzior suggests that the United States has entered a post-employment economy – one in which education and skills have become … Read More

Lawmakers Worried About Expiring Ban On Undetected Firearms

Top law enforcement officials and lawmakers expressed concerns this week about potential harm caused by plastic guns which can be built by anyone with a 3D printer. The gun’s design, already widely circulated online, is intended to create a virtually … Read More