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Daily Archives: November 20, 2013

Illinois Becomes 16th State To Allow Gay Marriage

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law on Wednesday that would allow same-sex marriage in the state. The bill marks Illinois as the 16th state in the nation to approve gay marriage. “Love never fails,” the Democratic governor … Read More

Rachel Maddow Slams Right-Wing And Media For Criticizing Obama For Leaving Out ‘Under God’

Rachel Maddow recalls the time the Republicans criticized President Obama for going on vacation with his family and not doing any work. Maddow shows clips those reports and then a chart that compares the total vacation days that Obama took … Read More

Immigration Reform Could Have Massive Impact on Election Math

While the passage of any potential immigration reform bill seems far off in the distance, the Center for Immigration Studies has released a new report detailing the game-changing effects that bringing in millions of new voters would have on elections. … Read More

Obamacare vs. Medicare Part D: Similarities and Differences

From the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein to Forbes’ Carrie Sheffield, many pundits have spent the week comparing the glitchy Obamacare rollout to the problem-filled Medicare Part D rollout under George Bush. Certainly, there are similarities in that the initial weeks … Read More

Chris Cuomo Confronts Cruz On Alternative Health Care Solutions

CNN’s Chris Cuomo confronts Senator Ted Cruz for criticizing the Affordable Care Act while not offering any solutions to fix the current problems. Cuomo asked, “How can we say that it’s not working when it isn’t implemented yet? How can … Read More

Op-Ed: Being White is Best Defense Against Marijuana Arrest

According to a new report by the New York Attorney General and an op-ed by Opposing Views’ Jonathan Vankin, the best way to avoid being arrested for marijuana is simply: be white. The AG report detailed the statistics relating to … Read More

US Likely to Remain in Afghanistan Indefinitely

The United States has already spent more than twelve years and hundreds of billions of dollars to fight the war in Afghanistan but all that was supposed to come to an end next year. A new deal between the US … Read More

Democratic Politician Says Pot Smokers Should Own Guns

Should pot smokers be operating firearms? They should according to Jared Polis. The Democratic politician from Colorado introduced a bill in Congress last week that would allow medical marijuana users the right to bear arms. The bill challenges a 2011 … Read More

Piers Morgan And Panel Discusses Alec Baldwin And The F-Word

Don Lemon, Charles Blow and Noah Michaelson joins Piers Morgan to discuss Alec Baldwin‘s homophobic remark and the use of the f-word. They discuss whether or not Baldwin was really homophobic or if he said it unintentionally out of anger. … Read More