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Daily Archives: November 21, 2013

Chris Christie Rejects 2016 Bid Speculation At RGA Chairmanship Acceptance Conference

Seeking to put aside speculation regarding a presidential bid in 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke against rumors, adding that said speculation only hurts the Republican party’s broader strategy. The GOP favorite assumed chairmanship of the Republican Governor’s Association … Read More

New Details On George Zimmerman’s Troubled Relationship With Girlfriend

Some new details of the relationship between George Zimmerman and his 27-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, have emerged since his recent arrest for domestic violence. WKMG Orlando reporter, Eric Sandoval, reported a possible allegation and problems in the relationship that lead … Read More

South Carolina Democrats Battle Over Gay Marriage

A battle over gay marriage is heating up in South Carolina between Democrats. Jay Stamper, who is currently the only Democrat for the Senate seat held by Lindsey Graham, is challenging 2014 gubernatorial candidate and State Senator Vincent Sheheen to … Read More

Jon Stewart Slams Rep. Trey Radel Over Cocaine Charge

Jon Stewart is having a field day with the recent cocaine possession charge against Florida Rep. Trey Radel. The Republican had taken public policy stances that included asking welfare recipients to pass a drug test before finding themselves eligible for … Read More

Oakland OK’s Surveillance Center: Cameras, Gunshot Detectors, License-Plate Readers

In a vote that launched a city council meeting into chaos and forced police to clear the chamber, the Oakland City Council approved a new 24-hour surveillance center aimed at curbing rising crime. The project, passed by a vote of … Read More

Nuclear: Senate May Finally Reform Filibuster Rules After GOP Obstruction

After weeks of Republicans blocking President Barack Obama’s judicial appointments, Harry Reid and the Democrats appear poised to finally “go nuclear” and impose a filibuster rules change that would require just a majority vote for all non-Supreme Court presidential nominees. … Read More

Ann Coulter: Martin Bashir Would Become A Nazi Just To Keep His Job

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity to share her thoughts on Martin Bashir’s response to former Governor Sarah Palin when she compared America’s debt to slavery at a fundraiser event held by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. Bashir apologized on … Read More

Comedian Jim Norton Defends Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin received a lot of criticism for his recent homophobic remarks. Comedian Jim Norton joins HuffPost to defend Baldwin and explain why he does not have any problems with what Baldwin said. Norton called out MSNBC for unfairly suspending … Read More