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Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

Why Is Bob Dylan Being Sued For Racism?

Why is Bob Dylan being sued for racism? The music legend is being sued by a Croatian community association over comments that he made in the French version of Rolling Stone about relations between Serbia and Croatia. The suit has … Read More

Will White Supremacist Be Allowed To Continue Hunger Strike In Jail?

The white supremacist who made headlines for trying to start a whites-only town in North Dakota has been hospitalized after going on a hunger strike. Craig Cobb had spent the last nine days in jail after he and another man … Read More

Reverend James David Manning Accuses Obama Of Having The Mother Of His Illegitimate Daughter Killed

Reverend James David Manning is accusing President Barack Obama of having the mother of his illegitimate daughter, Miriam Carey, killed last month near the U.S. Capitol building. Carey was shot and killed by authorities after crashing her car into barricades … Read More

Senator Ted Cruz’s Dad to Pastors: Political Correctness is Killing America

The father of Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently told a group of pastors and others gathered at a Texas event that it is time for Christians to “take this country back for righteousness.” Rafael Cruz, a Cuban born, evangelical pastor … Read More

New Threat to Hillary Clinton: Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

In an interview with MSNBC this week, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer signaled that he will run for the Democratic nomination, saying that he plans to visit all of Iowa’s 99 counties. Iowa is the first caucus in the country … Read More

Many Young Republicans See GOP Leaders as ‘Out of Touch’

While the Republican party has moved farther and farther right in the last decade, new survey numbers show that many younger Republican voters have rejected many of the traditional ideas of the conservative wing, especially when it comes to social … Read More

China Dispatched Fighter Jets After Japan Enter China’s Newly Claimed Air Defense ID Zone

(Image: Youtube Capture)   China sent fighter jets to the newly claimed defense ID zone after Japan enter that area in a military exercise with the U.S. and South Korea. The U.S. flew two unarmed B-52 bombers into the area … Read More

GOP Group Calls Obama ‘Anti-Religion’ After Plan to Move Vatican Embassy Announced

The decision to move the current US Embassy to the Holy See from its current location near Vatican grounds has sparked claims that President Barack Obama is ‘anti-religion’.  Members of the GOP have expressed strong objections to State Department’s plan, … Read More