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Daily Archives: December 3, 2013

What Is Wrong With America’s Education System?

The result of the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) shows that teens from Asian nations are dominating in reading, math and science. The test was issued to half a million 15-year-old students from 65 nations. China, Hong Kong, … Read More

Noam Chomsky: Advertising is Turning Americans into Uninformed, Irrational Consumers

In his newest book, “Occupy: Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity” published by Zuccotti Park Press,  linguist, professor and philosopher Noam Chomsky takes aim once again at what he calls the “most extensive propaganda system in the world.” Calling to task … Read More

Stephen Colbert Advocates Ownership Of Guns: Time To Get Rid Of Onerous Government Regulations

With Thanksgiving gone, Stephen Colbert reminds people that there is still time for the secular Christmas-haters to launch an attack on baby Jesus. In this year’s Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude, baby Jesus has a backup to counter the offensive. Colbert tells … Read More

New Survey: Americans Don’t Trust One Another Anymore

A record high number of Americans admit that they do not trust one another.  In an AP-GfK poll conducted last month, nearly two-thirds of all respondents said that “you can’t be too careful,” when asked if they trusted their neighbors … Read More

2016 Election Includes 50 ‘Highly Alternative’ Candidates

While most of the 2016 talk revolves around Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, more than 50 candidates have already filed to run for president in the upcoming election and, many of them, are not exactly “traditional” candidates. A recent report … Read More

Obamacare Will Cost Billions Less Than Expected

According to a new New York Times report, the cost of the Affordable Care Act is expected to end up billions of dollars less than originally projected. With healthcare costs rising at a slower rate, the Medicaid expansion and private … Read More

Feinstein and Rogers: Al Qaeda Adapting; America Not As Safe

Americans are not any safer than they were two years ago and the threat of terrorism has actually increased, according to leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committee who warned that Al Qaeda’s network has rapidly adapted since then. … Read More

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Increases, But Is It Meeting White House Hopes?

Enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act have risen significantly during the month of November, but are still below the numbers that the White House was hoping to see. Approximately 100,000 people signed up for health insurance last month through … Read More

Republicans Backtrack After Tweet Suggesting Racism Is Over

Republicans are now backtracking on a highly offensive tweet which suggested that racism was a thing of the past in America. The Republican National Committee (RNC) intended to honor the legacy of Rosa Parks with their tweet last Sunday morning, … Read More

Is This California High School Mascot Racist?

Despite accusations of racism, one California high school is insistent that their controversial mascot will remain. For the last 82 years, the Coachella Valley High School mascot has been an “Arab,” complete with black hair, a mustache and snarling expression. … Read More