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Daily Archives: December 4, 2013

Dying Woman First to Be Paroled After Supreme Court Ruling on Life Sentences for Juveniles

A 33-year old woman dying of breast cancer will be the first person paroled after a landmark Supreme Court ruling deemed sentencing juveniles to life without the possibility of parole unconstitutional. Kristina Fetters, who killed her great-aunt on the day … Read More

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Emerges as Popular Hillary Alternative

Last week, Salon published an interview with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders titled “Why I might run in 2016.” While Sanders has yet to officially announce any bid or even be involved in an opinion poll, the buzz about the lone … Read More

Detroit Bankruptcy: More Than $9 Billion in Pensions, Benefits on Cutting Table

After much controversy about Detroit’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year and the effect that will have on the city’s debt and pensions, a federal judge officially approved the largest bankruptcy filing in US history on Tuesday. The ruling clears the … Read More

Gallups Defends Claims Obama is Anti-Christ as Biblical Fact

A pastor who drew harsh criticism after announcing that Barack Obama is an anti-Christ insists he has biblical support for his claims.  This week, Pastor Carl Gallups defended his anti-Obama stance on the Dr. Laurie Roth Show and stated that … Read More

Detroit Officially Bankrupt; Judge Rules For Pension Cuts

In what has become the largest US city bankruptcy in history, a federal judge declared the city of Detroit as eligible for Chapter 9 protection on Tuesday, calling it “a momentous day” for the poverty-stricken city. “We have here a … Read More

Barack Obama Defiantly Says Affordable Care Act Here To Stay

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay until further notice. Barack Obama spoke yesterday and said that ObamaCare will not be repealed, despite the fervent efforts of Republicans to see that happen, and highlighted progress that has been made … Read More

Obama’s Kenyan-Born Uncle Permitted To Remain In U.S.

Despite initial concerns over a DUI arrest and ignoring deportation orders from two decades ago, Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born uncle, Onyango, is being permitted to remain in the U.S as a lawful resident. U.S. Immigration Judge Leonard Shapiro said that even … Read More

Students Accuse Black Professor Of Racial Discrimination For Discussing Racism

Three white students at a Minneapolis college filed a racial discrimination complaint against their African-American professor, who in turn sued the university for discrimination when she was reprimanded. The students at Minnesota Community and Technical College reportedly objected to a … Read More

Video Of Teenager Named Sharkeisha Brutally Beating Classmate Goes Viral

The viral video of Sharkeisha brutally beating 17-year-old Shamichael Manuel has quickly made its way around the Internet in the last few days and gone viral. Since being posted to World Star Hip Hop last Wednesday, the video has racked … Read More

Hoyer Regrets Calling Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”

Amidst the national debate over the application of new health care laws, Rep. Steny Hoyer expressed regret over calling the Affordable Care Act by its divisive moniker, “Obamacare.” “I wish I hadn’t’ called it Obamacare before because that has politicized … Read More