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Daily Archives: December 5, 2013

Hospitals Charge $12,500 Per Day, Over $700 Per Stitch

While a lot of blame has been cast on the health insurance industry over inflated prices and access to healthcare, a new New York Times report has found that hospitals are far more responsible for bloated health costs. Among the … Read More

Holiday Surprise: Democrats, GOP Close to Budget Deal

As unlikely as it may seem, Congressional Democrats and Republicans are inching closer to a budget deal that would prevent another government shutdown and mitigate the impact of sequestration. Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan and Washington Democrat Patty Murray are reportedly … Read More

Obama Defines America’s Income Gap As “Challenge Of Our Time”

President Barack Obama spoke against growing financial inequality on Wednesday, calling the income gap between rich and poor in America “the defining challenge of our time,” and warning that these factors threaten prosperity in America. “The combined trends of increased … Read More

Al Sharpton Upset Over Bill O’Reilly’s Remark That Jesus Wouldn’t Be Down With Helping The Poor

Bill O’Reilly’s Remark that Jesus would not being down with helping the poor by supporting programs like food stamps, struck a nerve with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton. O’Reilly said helping one group will hurt the other group. “Jesus wouldn’t be down … Read More

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Resigns After Sarah Palin Comments

Martin Bashir has officially resigned from MSNBC after his controversial comments about Sarah Palin. There were rumors that he was fired from the network after his 10-day “vacation” from the show, but it’s been confirmed that Bashir resigned on Wednesday … Read More

Why Did Michelle Obama Swear At Will Ferrell?

Did Michelle Obama actually swear at Will Ferrell? The hilarious actor said that the First Lady swore at him, but it was all in good fun as she was quoting lines from one of his movies, The Landlord. Ferrell was … Read More

Wisconsin Governor Fires Campaign Aide For Racist Tweets

A Wisconsin governor under the Republican party has fired his campaign aide for sending out racist tweets. Taylor Palmisano had posted the tweets two years ago, but a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel only just now contacted Gov. Scott … Read More

Did Boston Woman Put Racist Graffiti On Her Home And Blame Son’s Classmates?

A Boston suburb was rocked by a high schooler whose home was spray painted with racist graffiti, but FBI investigators reportedly believe that his own mother may have been responsible for the damage. Isaac Phillips, who played for Lunenberg High … Read More

Jon Stewart Upset At The RNC For Restarting Racism Three Hours After It Ended

Like everyone else, Jon Stewart usually gets his news from one source, mainly Twitter. Stewart was ecstatic to see the tweet that suggests that racism has ended, only to be disappointed that the RNC had restarted racism three hours later. … Read More

Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin And Bill O’Reilly For Fighting A War That Doesn’t Exist

Jon Stewart mocked the Fox News network, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly in for fighting a war that just might not exist. Stewart made fun of Fox News for being overly dramatic over a minor change to a pool schedule … Read More