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Daily Archives: December 9, 2013

Rand Paul: Extended Unemployment Benefits a “Disservice” to Workers

Speaking against President Obama’s move to extend unemployment benefits, Senator Rand Paul argued on Sunday that such policy “actually does a disservice” to those without jobs. The Kentucky senator, who supports offering jobless individual’s unemployment benefits for 26 weeks, disagrees … Read More

Gay Server Who Claimed Customer Left A Hateful Message No Longer Working At The Restaurant, Refunds Donation

After Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant did an internal investigation by the restaurant, Dayna Morales, the server who claimed that she was stiffed of her tip and left a hateful note by a customer, has agree to leave her job. It … Read More

Atheists Groups Say They Profit Off Bill O’Reilly’s ‘War On Christmas’ Episodes

Bill O’Reilly has declared that atheists are waging a “war on Christmas,” but it seems that his words may actually be helping atheists groups more than hurting them. David Silverman, president of American Atheists Inc., confirmed that producers for The … Read More

Why Is Rick Santorum Comparing Himself To Nelson Mandela?

Rick Santorum has raised plenty of eyebrows by comparing his work to that of Nelson Mandela. Just 24 hours after the human rights icon died at the age of 95, the conservative politician compared Mandela’s crusade against the repressive apartheid … Read More

Sarah Palin To Angry Atheists: No More Double Standards Here In America!

Speaking at Liberty University, Sarah Palin was asked to address of the issues that atheists have regarding the display of nativity in public places. Palin cited what Thomas Jefferson would agree with people who want to “abort Christ from Christmas.” … Read More

KKK Grand Wizard Kicked Out Of Italy For Plotting To Kill Blacks And Jews

A former KKK Grand Wizard and Republican politician in Louisiana has been expelled from Italy after reportedly trying to start an organization which planned to kill black people. A Venice court denied a permit of residence to David Duke, who … Read More

VIDEO: Man Sentenced To Three Months In Jail For This Racist Subway Rant

A drunk man who berated an Asian woman during a racist rant on a London subway was sentenced to jail over the weekend for the verbal assault. A video of Keith Hurdle yelling at Kuniko Ingram as he called Asian … Read More

Dick Cheney Defends Vote Against Freeing Mandela, Calling Madiba a ‘Terrorist’

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney still defends his 1986 vote in Congress against anti-Apartheid sanctions aimed at  freeing Nelson Mandela. The GOP leader claims that the first black president of South Africa was, at the time of his imprisonment in the … Read More

Bill O’Reilly On Mandela: He Was A Communist, But He Was A Great Man

Bill O’Reilly praised Nelson Mandela on a segment with Rick Santorum to discuss the future of the Republican Party. Despite calling Mandela a good man, O’Reilly stressed multiple times that Mandela was a Communist. O’Reilly pointed out that Republican ideology … Read More

Ted Cruz Defends Dad’s Claims that Obama is ‘Just Like A Dictator’

In a recent interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Senator Ted Cruz defended his father’s claims that President Barack Obama was a dictator like Fidel Castro. During the Dec. 5 broadcast, the Republican from Texas pointed out that Obama’s words and … Read More