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Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

Education’s Dirty Secret: 75% of Professors Are Low-Wage Temp Workers

Since the recession, many large corporations have moved to hiring millions of temp workers to avoid paying liveable wages and benefits, creating a rapidly growing sector of the working poor. Many pundits argue that to get a better job, you … Read More

Geraldo Rivera: If Wealth Can Insulate You From Responsibility For A Crime, Why Not Poverty?

Geraldo Rivera joins Fox News to criticize a Texas judge for using “affluenza” as the reason for not punishing a rich teen in a DUI case that killed four people. Rivera said thought that the judge’s logic for the decision … Read More

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s Coloring Book Producing Record-Breaking Sales

The coloring book featuring Republican Sen. Ted Cruz may have seemed like a gimmick, but it’s actually pulling in remarkable sales. St. Louis publisher Really Big Coloring Books Inc. has released an activity and coloring book called U.S. Sen. Ted … Read More

Victim of ‘Affluenza’ Gets Probation After Killing 4 in Crash

A Texas teen will face no jail time after claiming ‘affluenza’ was behind his decision to get drunk and crash into pedestrians, costing the lives of  four people including a pastor, mother and daughter, and a young woman.  Ethan Couch, … Read More

VIDEO: Fox News Host Says Santa And Jesus Being White Are ‘Verifiable Facts’

Fox News might be regretting their decision to hire Megan Kelly after her embarrassing on-air comment about Santa Claus. The host of The Kelly File responded to an article from Slate writer Aisha Harris, in which she expressed shame over … Read More

Judge Admits “Reverse Racism” In Convicting White Man Of Murdering Black Male

A retired judge is declaring that he was guilty of “reverse racism” when convicting a white man for the murder of an African-American male in 1999. Former Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Frank Barbaro, who is white, convicted Donald Kagan, now … Read More

Fire Chief Resigns Over Racist Facebook Posts Supporting KKK And Lynching

A volunteer fire chief in Indiana has resigned after posting outrageous racist rants and jokes to Facebook that even included him supporting the KKK and lynching blacks. But despite admitting that he contributed money to the KKK, Chief Sean Sargent … Read More

Pat Robertson: Exposing your Kids to Lesbians May Turn them Gay

During the Dec. 12 broadcast of the 700 Club, televangelist and host Pat Robertson advised a woman to steer her gay friend away from her children and her home because “you don’t want your children to grow up as lesbians.” … Read More

New York to Consider Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

New York State Senator Liz Krueger has introduced a bill that would legalize possession and use of marijuana and regulate it similar to the way that alcohol is regulated within the state. The bill would allow any adult over 18 … Read More

Jon Stewart Ecstatic Over Budget Deal

After talking about how the current Congress is the worst Congress ever of the United States but perhaps the entire world, Jon Stewart was ecstatic to find that Congress is ready to compromise to come up with a budget deal. … Read More