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Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

Ann Coulter Slams Nancy Pelosi For Decrying That GOP Disrespect Women

Ann Coulter joins Fox News to discussed Nancy Pelosi’s remark that the Republicans have disrespect for women. Coulter finds the claim odd because Martin Bashir was recently forced to resign after making the remark that someone should defecate in the … Read More

NSA Considers Amnesty for Edward Snowden

Officials from the National Security Agency debated an amnesty option for Edward Snowden on Sunday, which would allow the whistleblower a safe return to the United States in exchange for all classified information he withheld from the agency. “My personal … Read More

Rick Santorum: Government Healthcare Is “Clever System” To Kill Voters

Rick Santorum spoke against government healthcare last Friday, suggesting it was a political conspiracy to eventually kill people by denying them care when they get sick, thus preventing them from voting. “It’s actually a pretty clever system,” he said. “Take … Read More

Conservative Pundits: Liberal Media Hiding Arapahoe Shooter’s Leftist Leanings

Conservative pundits are crying foul after the Denver Post eliminated a reference to the Arapahoe shooter that called him a ‘socialist.’  According to one blogger, the move to remove any traces of Karl Halverson Pierson’s leftist leaning was aimed at … Read More

VIDEO: Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin Criticizes Bogus Nelson Mandela Interpreter

The most prominent deaf actress in Hollywood had plenty to say about the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial earlier this week. Interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie was responsible for interpreting Mandela’s memorial in sign language, but his hand movements didn’t resemble … Read More

Fox News And Sarah Palin Drag ESPN Into ‘War On Christmas’

The Fox News network has managed to drag ESPN into their “War on Christmas” crusade. The sports channel rejected a commercial from a children’s medical center on religious grounds because it mentioned the birth of Jesus and “God’s healing presence.” … Read More

Does Racism Cause Premature Births?

Racism has plenty of effects on society, but it could also be directly impacting the health of unborn children. Two new studies from Emory University connected premature births of black children with the stress created in women’s bodies from dealing … Read More

VIDEO: Arsenio Hall Slams Kanye West’s Misinformed Racism Rants

Arsenio Hall is taking a stand over Kanye West’s ill-informed rants on racism. In recent weeks, the rapper has spoken about being “marginalized” buy white America, released clothing with the Confederate flag and even accused the Grammys of being racist … Read More

Goodwill Pays Some Employees Less Than $3 an Hour

Everyone knows Goodwill is a great place for bargains.  What many do not realize, however, is how much of a bargain Goodwill is getting in its workforce. According to a recent report by Upworthy, Goodwill exploits a legal loophole that … Read More

Garrow: ‘Obama Had Hawaii Health Director Killed to Cover Up His Foreign Birth’

President Obama has been linked to another murder conspiracy by the so-called ‘birthers.’ Just weeks after James David Manning claimed Obama had a woman murdered in front of the White House to cover up his love child, birther activist Jim Garrow … Read More