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Daily Archives: December 17, 2013

NYC: Mayor Bloomberg Trying to Kill Living Wage Law in Last Weeks in Office

In his last weeks in office, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is using his office to legally challenge two of the key aspects of Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s platform to undermine the next mayor’s ability to implement reform. Earlier, … Read More

A Woman Was Assaulted For Saying Happy Holidays Instead Of Merry Christmas

Kristina Vindiola was assaulted for saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas while working for the Salvation Army collecting donations outside of Walmart in Arizona. A woman looked at Vindiola, walked towards her and asked, “Do you believe in God? … Read More

Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Program Unconstitutional

The National Security Agency’s phone surveillance activities are most probably unconstitutional, according to a federal judge’s ruling on Monday. The surveillance program, revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden earlier this year, collects time logs and phone numbers from every phone … Read More

Megyn Kelly Cries ‘Race Baiting’ Over Backlash To Her ‘White Santa’ Comment

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly thinks you’re race baiting if you disagree with her comments. The Kelly File host became fodder for late night talk show hosts by declaring, in response to an essay by Slate writer Aisha Harris that … Read More

Anti-Racism Demonstration Leads To Neo-Nazi Attacks And Arrests

An anti-racism protest in Sweden led to two stabbings and a swarm of other injuries by a group of Neo-Nazi activists. A Neo-Nazi group called the Swedish Resistance Movement claimed responsibility on their website for the attack in a suburb … Read More

Teacher Suspended For Racist ‘White Santa’ Comment

A New Mexico teacher was given a paid suspension after making racist remarks to a special needs student, but the child’s father says he wants to see the instructor fired. Michael Rougier, whose son Christopher has autism, said the African-American … Read More

Pope Francis: ‘Embracing the Poor is Church’s Social Doctrine, Not Marxism’

On Sunday, Pope Francis responded to recent claims by Rush Limbaugh and other American conservatives by insisting his teachings are in line with the Catholic Church, not a political ideology. “The Marxist ideology is wrong,” Francis said in an interview … Read More

Larry Pratt: Current Gun Legislations Are Lethal, It Is Killing People

Guns advocate, Larry Pratt, joins Fox News’ Chris Wallace to discuss the current gun legislations. He points out those gun-free zones are “murder magnets.” Pratt said, “We’re not really able to talk about a victory until we get rid of … Read More

Fracking Boom Brings Environmental, Health Problems to Dozens of Cities

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, the United States is soon expected to leapfrog Saudi Arabia as the leading global producer of crude oil. Unlike Saudi Arabia, which has expansive oil fields, much of the oil in the … Read More

John McCain On His Obama-Chamberlain Comparison: Gross Exaggeration

CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Senator John McCain if he regrets comparing President Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain for shaking hands with Cuban President, Raul Castro, during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. McCain retracted and called the comparison “gross Exaggeration.” “Oh, I … Read More