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Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

Famous Russian Actor Wants Gays ‘Burned Alive In Ovens’

A famous Russian actor has infuriated people worldwide by declaring that gay people should be burned alive in ovens. Ivan Okhlobystin, a priest and actor who currently stars in Russia’s version of Scrubs, made the outrageous statements while speaking at … Read More

Man Arrested For Defacing Racist Sign With Loving Message

An Arkansas native has been arrested for defacing a racist billboard with a tolerant message. Harrison police arrested Chad Watkins for defacing a sign in the town which said, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.” Watkins had painted over … Read More

NAACP Slam ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson For Racist Comments

The NAACP has teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign to publicly slam Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for his racist and homophobic comments in an interview with GQ. A&E has suspended the reality star indefinitely for declaring that African-Americans … Read More

Conservative Catholic Group Blames the Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Bill for Deadly Tornado Strike in Illinois

Robert Ritchie, executive director of the right-wing Catholic group America Needs Fatima, blames the passage of the same-sex marriage bill for the recent devastating tornados that struck Illinois and the Midwest, killing at least 8 people. “Some see God’s chastisement; … Read More

US Wastes Billions Paying Contractors More Than Public Workers For Same Job

While Republicans decry big government and push to decrease the number of public workers and many within the government claim that outsourcing work to contractors can save taxpayers money, a new study has found that the United States government wastes … Read More

Actress Stacey Dash Says It’s Racist To Expect Black Voters To Support Black Candidates

Actress Stacey Dash, who generated controversy last year for being an African-American celebrity who supported Mitt Romney in the Presidential election, is going back to the well to generate more press for herself. In a new interview with Adam Carolla, … Read More

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Christmas Gift Advice: ‘Women Love Money’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford seems determined to not end 2013 quietly. The disgraced politician has made plenty of blunders throughout the year, but added even more fuel to the fire with his outrageously sexist statements about women today. The comments … Read More

‘Affluenza’ Teen Sued By Families Of His Victims

“Affluenza” teenager Ethan Couch may have avoided jail time, but he won’t be able to avoid lawsuits. Five lawsuits have been filed against Couch by the families who lost loved ones due to his reckless DWI driving. The Texas teenager killed … Read More