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Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Male Attacker Forced To Hold ‘I BEAT WOMEN’ Sign On Busy Street, But Is This Helpful?

A man who brutally assaulted a woman in a car after leaving a Tampa, FL nightclub was forced to endure a humiliating punishment, but some activists believe it sent the wrong message. Rather than pressing charges against her attacker, Alisha … Read More

Dennis Rodman Leaves North Korea, But Will He Return?

Dennis Rodman has left North Korea, but he is already planning his next “basketball diplomacy” trip with the hermit nation. The former NBA star spent four days in the capital city of Pyongyang to help train North Korean basketball players … Read More

PR Executive Justine Sacco Fired For ‘Most Racist Tweet’ Of 2013

A major PR executive was sacked from her job after posting what some have described as the “most racist tweet” of 2013. Justine Sacco was the top PR person for InterActiveCorp, which owns Match.com, Dictionary.com and OkCupid, among others. However, … Read More

Politician Offensively Compares ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson To Rosa Parks

A Republican candidate for Illinois’ 11th Congressional district made a shockingly offensive statement over the weekend in comparing Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Robertson, who was suspended last week from his reality show by … Read More

Log Cabin Republicans Denounces Gay Stereotypes In A New Obamacare Ad

To ensure that the benefits of the Affordable Care Act reaches the LGBT communities, the Out2Enroll organization released a new ad to bring awareness to them. The ad produced by Full Frontal Freedom, features shirtless men dancing and celebrating the … Read More

Mike Huckabee “50-50” to Run For President in 2016

Former Arkansas Governor, presidential candidate, and Fox News host Mike Huckabee told news outlets, in three interviews that he set up himself, that there’s a 50 percent shot that he would run for president once again in 2016. On Fox … Read More

Duck Dynasty Castoff Becomes Right Wing Role Model

Suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has become a hero for the religious right, sparking internet petitions from traditional marriage groups as well a call by radio host Bryan Fischer for the faithful to “Take heart from his example…you be … Read More

Utah Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

A Utah judge has ruled that the state’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. A lawsuit had been brought against the state by three gay and lesbian couples in Utah, claiming that their constitutional rights were being violated in not being … Read More

Jon Stewart Defends Phil Robertson, Slams Fox News

Jon Stewart joins the world and offers his take on Duck Dynasty’s star Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality. In an article in GQ magazine, Phil Robertson called homosexuality sinful. He said, “Just morph out from there. Bestiality, the male prostitutes, … Read More