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Daily Archives: December 24, 2013

Has the War on Christmas Gotten Out of Hand and Out of Touch with Reality?

In the days leading up to Christmas, talk of the ‘War on Christmas’ reached a feverish pitch. Yet, while Fox News continued to fuel the flames with an interactive map showing places where “Christmas is under attack,” others, including popular … Read More

Fox News Offers Tips on How to Survive Liberal-Talk This Christmas

In a Fox News segment “Personal Story,” that aired on Dec. 23, Greg Gutfield joined with conservative comedian Tom Shillue to discuss how to survive liberal-talk this holiday season. “The left likes to think it’s always the crazy right-wing uncle … Read More

MTV Reality Star Denies The Holocaust Ever Happened

Former MTV reality star Tila Tequila shocked and angered just about everyone earlier this month by dressing up in Nazi gear and ranting against Jewish people, but she has now upped the ante even further by denying that the Holocaust … Read More

‘Real Housewives’ Star Thought Underground Railroad Was An Actual Train

In one of the most ignorant comments aired on TV in 2013, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart revealed that she thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train. The incident came during this week’s episode as the cast … Read More

Cory Booker, Rand Paul Unite on Twitter Over Festivus, War on Drugs

Bipartisanship is a rare find on Twitter but Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker reached across the virtual aisle on Monday, in the spirit of Festivus. In an exchange riddled with Seinfeld references, the two Senators … Read More

Conservative Group Re-writing Bible to Eliminate ‘Liberal Bias’

A Conservative group is re-writing the Bible to avoid ‘liberal bias.’ The Conservative Bible Project, hosted by Conservapedia.com, is currently seeking help with translators to re-write the Christian bible in a way that more closely aligns with right-wing views. Andy … Read More

Edward Snowden on NSA Leaks: Mission Accomplished

Only half a year after leaking sensitive National Security Agency documents and shifting international attention into U.S. surveillance, whistle-blower Edward Snowden said on Monday that “in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished.” “As soon as the journalists were … Read More

Putin’s Pardon for Pussy Riot Seen as PR Stunt

Two members of Russian punk rock protest band Pussy Riot were released from prison on Monday in accordance to an amnesty bill passed by President Vladimir Putin. Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, members of the anti-Putin group, were sentenced to … Read More

Dark Money Funding Majority of Climate Change Denial

The majority of climate change denial funding comes from unidentified sources according to new report in the journal Climatic Change.  Dark money, or untraceable support that is given to influence a campaign, makes up 75 percent of hundreds of millions … Read More

Feder: ‘Beware of Obama Claus and His Stealing, Lying Ways’

Don Feder has an important message for confused Americans this holiday season.  “Santa is within us,” he advised in a recent blog, “He does not reside in our nation’s capital.” The World Congress of Families communication director warned that “too … Read More