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Daily Archives: December 26, 2013

Ohio Teacher Suspended For Telling Student ‘We Don’t Need Another Black President’

A Cincinnati suburb high school teacher is likely to be fired after telling an African-American student that “we don’t need another black President.” Fairfield Freshman School teacher Gil Voigt was suspended without pay after making the racist remark to the … Read More

Bill in Congress Turning Off Televangelists

A bill proposed by a Republican member of the House has religious broadcasters crying foul.  Earlier this month Rep. Steve Scalise introduced legislation that would put an end to ‘must carry’ rules that allow less popular shows and local shows … Read More

Hagee’s Christmas Sermon: ‘Don’t Like Hearing Merry Christmas? Get Out of This Christian Country’

On a Christmas sermon broadcast on Dec. 22, John Hagee told atheists and humanists that if they do not like living in a Christian nation, “you can just exercise your right to leave the country.” The televangelist, who regularly rails … Read More

GOP Takes Lead in Midterm Poll as Obama Drags Down Democrats

Following the October government shutdown, it looked as though the Democrats were well on their way to a big swing in the 2014 midterm elections. The problems plaguing the Obamacare launch, however, have resulted in a massive 13-point swing in … Read More

After Local KKK Meeting, NAACP Membership Drastically Rises

A recent KKK meeting in Cecil, Maryland, hoped to help spark the impeachment of Barack Obama and the removal of illegal immigrants. However, it had the adverse effect of creating a huge membership boost for the town’s local NAACP chapter. … Read More

Black Santa Shot With Pellet Gun During Christmas Toy Drive

An African-American man trying to spread cheer by dressing as Santa Claus at a toy giveaway on Christmas Eve was shot with a pellet gun. The man was shot twice in the back at Berry Farm and was transported to … Read More