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Daily Archives: December 27, 2013

Leading Creationist and Climate Change Denier: ‘Evolution is a Satanic View and Only for the Gullible’

Creationist and climate change denier John Morris claims only those who are gullible could be fooled by evolution.  During a Dec. 27 radio broadcast sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research he told co-host Chris O’ Brian that “evolution is … Read More

Jesse Jackson Says ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Worse Than Rosa Parks Bus Driver

Is Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson worse than Rosa Parks’ bus driver? He is according to Jesse Jackson. The civil rights activist made the surprising accusation in response to Robertson’s now infamous GQ interview, in which he slammed homosexuality and … Read More

Sarah Palin’s ‘Gay Friend’ Emerges In ‘Duck Dynasty’ Debate

Sarah Palin’s “friend who happens to be gay” (as though it were an accident) has somehow managed to find their way into the Duck Dynasty conversation. After Phil Robertson’s suspension from the show for his racist and homophobic comments in … Read More

KKK Using Candy Canes In Desperate Attempt To Recruit Members

The KKK are now resorting to possibly their most desperate measures yet in an effort to recruit new members. After placing fliers in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Florida earlier this year, they are now hoping lure in new members … Read More

Corporate Welfare: NFL, ESPN Cost Taxpayers Billions

A new New York Times investigation has found that ESPN, the nation’s largest sports network, has received $260 million in tax breaks and credits over the last 12 years despite earning more than $6 billion in viewer subscription fees each … Read More

Church Displayed Controversial Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene

The nativity scene outside the Claremont United Methodist Church in California featuring Trayvon Martin with blood pouring out from his chest sparked controversies. Creator John Zachary said he wanted to create something provocative to make a statement about the widespread … Read More

Texas Bar Kicked Out Gay Men Due To ‘Safety Risk’

A Texas gay couple is pursuing legal action after their local bar allegedly threw them out for dancing together. The incident took place in the city of Victoria, where Justin Meyer and James Douglas were reportedly told by management that … Read More