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Daily Archives: January 3, 2014

Woman Fired After Tipping off Police That Mom Had Murdered Newborn Twins

A manager that tipped off police that her employee may have given birth but refused to speak of any child was fired for taking time off to heal from the emotional stress.  Teresa Anderson, a former manager at Casey’s General Store in Huxley, … Read More

Utah Man Plans to Starve Himself to Death to Protest Same-Sex Marriage Law

A Utah man plans on starving himself in order to stop same-sex marriages.  Trestin Meacham has already lost 26 pounds on the first 13 days of the fast and according to a Cultural Hall podcast, “He is committed to death to … Read More

Did North Korean Dictator Feed His Uncle Alive To Starving Dogs?

In what would be one of the most heinous and reckless displays of disregard for human life ever recorded, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly fed his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, alive to 120 dogs that had been starved for … Read More

Are ‘Southern White Radicals’ Responsible For Obamacare Difficulties?

An African-American professor at New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice has penned an essay which blames the failure of Obamacare on “southern White radicals.” Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, who teaches constitutional law courses at the university, recently posted her … Read More

Valet Worker Fired For Racist Slur On Key Chain Tag Of Interracial Couple

An interracial couple in Georgia is outraged after a racist incident in which “jungle fever” was written on their key ring tag by a valet worker. Sam and Candea Aarons had just finished celebrating New Year’s at a restaurant called … Read More

‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Clay Aiken Might Run For Congress

American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Clay Aiken is reportedly looking to run for office under the Democratic party. Aiken is rumored to be eying a seat to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the House. Anonymous sources told … Read More

Reefer Madness: Legal Marijuana Leads to Soaring Prices in Colorado

While many marijuana legalization activists were ready to toke up a win on January 2 when the first state licensed weed retail stores opened in Colorado for a second day, many were surprised to find that the prices had skyrocketed … Read More

“Duck Dynasty” Family Now Selling Guns

Gun enthusiasts who happen to be fans of A&E’s popular reality series “Duck Dynasty” will now enjoy choices from a new set of guns branded by America’s favorite duck-hunting family. Duck Commander — the company founded by “Duck” patriarch Phil … Read More

Former Florida Governor Says Backing Gay Marriage Ban Was “Mistake”

Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, apologized on Tuesday for backing a bill that would ban gay marriage in 2008. “I’m sorry I did that. It was a mistake. I was wrong. Please forgive me,” Crist told the LGBT … Read More

Florida’s Welfare Drug Testing Ruled Unconstitutional

A Florida judge ruled this past Tuesday that the state’s drug testing of welfare users is unconstitutional. Judge Mary S. Scriven struck down the law and said that “the court finds there is no set of circumstances under which the … Read More