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Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Three Things Christians Are Doing in America (That the Religious Right Doesn’t Want You to Know)

On Jan. 1 Fox News broadcaster Tom Stames blasted the “so-called minister” who prayed at New York City May Bill DeBlasio’s inauguration, warning that the prayer was yet another attack on Christianity in America. “I’m just waiting for the knock … Read More

Rand Paul: ObamaCare Screwup Gave My Kid Medicaid Card

Rand Paul was no fan of Obamacare before, he’s certainly less of one now after the Kentucky healthcare exchange mistakenly sent the Senator’s son a Medicaid card. Paul went on ABC’s This Week waving the Medicaid card and calling Obamacare … Read More

Did Fox Anchor Say He Wanted To ‘F*ck’ Missing Woman On-Air?

A video reportedly showing a Fox anchor saying he wanted to “f*ck” a missing Nevada woman has gone viral in the last 24 hours and racked up over 1.2 million views , but is it real or fake? The video … Read More

MSNBC Battle: Alec Baldwin Mocks Melissa Harris-Perry, Asks ‘If I Cry, Will I Be Forgiven?’

Alec Baldwin has managed to insert himself into the controversy surrounding Melissa Harris-Perry. After the MSNBC anchor broke down in tears while apologizing to Mitt Romney and his family for jokes about his adopted African-American grandchild, Baldwin took to Twitter … Read More

Man Blames ‘Obama’ For Setting His Own House On Fire

A mentally ill man from Minnesota went on a crazed rant after setting his own house on fire, blaming President Barack Obama and the CIA for the blaze. The fire took place last month at the home of Ronald Gary … Read More

Despite Racism Scandal, Jay Z’s Line With Barneys Raises $1 Million For Charity

Despite retail empire Barneys finding itself in a major racism snafu last fall, Jay Z’s clothing line raised a staggering $1 million for his charity. Two multi-million dollar lawsuits were filed by African-American customers who accused store clerks of racially … Read More

Colorado Pot Shops Will “Run Out” Within Days Due to High Demand

Colorado’s recreational marijuana stores will not be able to meet consumer demand if it continues at this rate, according to pot shop owners. “We are going to run out,” said Toni Fox, owner of the 3D Cannabis Center in Denver. “It’s … Read More

Huckabee Uses Jahi McMath Tragedy to Talk Abortion, Totalitarian States and Nazi Germany

On Saturday, Fox News host and possible 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee turned the tragedy of a Jahi McMath into doomsday predictions of totalitarian states, linking the legal fight surrounding the brain-dead little girl to Nazi death camps and forced … Read More