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Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

Jon Stewart Slams The Media For Mocking Global Warming

Jon Stewart was glad to kick-off the first Daily Show of 2014 with the war on Christmas over. Stewart wanted to start the new year without having to talking about hot topics such as religion and most of all anything … Read More

Over 100 NYC Cops And Firefighters Charged With 9/11 Disability Fraud

Some of the men once labeled as heroes are now being branded as evil villains for a massive 9/11 disability scam that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in improper Social Security benefits. More than 100 retired NYC cops … Read More

‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Argues Some Races and Religions Are ‘Superior’ In New Book

The woman known as “Tiger Mom” (a.k.a. Amy Chua) is raising plenty of eyebrows with her new book, co-written with her husband, which declares that some races are simply better than others. Her latest offering, The Triple Package, lists the … Read More

Rodman Rants: North Korea Basketball Game “Great Idea For The World”

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman delivered an angry response to CNN’s Chris Cuomo after being questioned regarding a recent controversial trip to North Korea with other former NBA players. Rodman and his entourage are scheduled for a basketball game with … Read More

Pat Robertson: ‘Climate Change is a Joke and Kerry Should Leave the Jews Alone’

Televangelist Pat Robertson was in rare form during the Jan.7 broadcast of the 700 Club, lashing out at John Kerry’s attempts at Middle East peace and insisting climate change is just a joke. During the show, Robertson warned that Kerry’s … Read More

NYC Murders Twice as Likely to be Solved When Victim is White

In a Twitter-dominated world, racism has come to mean an offensive statement by a reality show star or an offhand remark by a news host but the real pervasive racism rears its ugly head in institutionalized bias. According to a … Read More