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Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

Actor Tom Sizemore Makes Racist Comments In Drug-Fueled Video

Actor Tom Sizemore had been clean and sober for over three years after kicking a gnarly drug addiction, but his relapse and penchant for racist statements were exposed in a new video. The National Enquirer received a chilling 23-minute “drug … Read More

Transgender Actress Laverne Cox Shuts Down Katie Couric’s ‘Insensitive’ Questions

Katie Couric has been slammed for a recent interview with transgender actress Laverne Cox that many felt was insensitive. The Orange is the New Black star appeared with transgender model Carmen Carrera to talk about their careers, but Couric primarily … Read More

Will Gov. Chris Christie Resign After Traffic Jam Scandal?

Even some conservative commentators and politicians are calling on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie if he is found to have had any knowledge or involvement in “Bridgegate.” Crossfire host S.E. Cupp said she “hoped” Christie wasn’t involved, “but if he … Read More

Garrow: ‘Dead Dolphins Proof Obama Tried to Nuke America’

Right-wing commentator Jim Garrow claims he now has the evidence he needs to prove Obama tried to bomb his own country.  Dolphins, washing off on the shores of the East Coast are, according to Garrow, further evidence of Obama’s conspiracy … Read More

Brain-Dead Teen Becomes Poster Child for California Malpractice Cap Reform

After suffering whole brain death in December following a routine tonsillectomy, 13-year-old Jahi McMath and her family’s fight to keep her on life support has become a cause célèbre.  Mike Huckabee used the McMath tragedy to rail against abortion and warn the U.S. was … Read More

Bridgegate: Full Timeline of Chris Christie Scandal That Led to Woman’s Death

What seemed like an innocuous story surrounding Chris Christie’s political retribution and bullying tendencies has become a full blown scandal after emails showed that Christie’s top aide ordered lane closures on the nation’s busiest bridge which led to the death … Read More

Bill O’Reilly Fires Back At Jon Stewart: Can’t Imagine Chinese Kids Are More Addicted To Texting Than American Kids

Jon Stewart ripped Bill O’Reilly during one of his segment on pot use and texting. O’Reilly said American kids are not only using pot to escape reality, they are also addicted to texting. He suggested that American kids should be … Read More

Boy Scout Troop Leader: Gay Scouts Should Be Treated Like Criminals

A Boy Scout troop leader in Texas has sparked outrage by declaring that gay scouts should be treated like criminals as an example of “Christian love.” The ban on gay scouts may have been lifted at the beginning of this … Read More

Dennis Rodman Bows And Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman has outraged plenty of Americans by saying that he “loves” his “friend for life” in North Korean dictator Kim-Jong un, but he took things to a new level today by bowing to the tyrant as he sang ‘Happy … Read More