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Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz: Legal Pot Users In Colorado Should Still Be Jailed

Even though marijuana is now legal for adults in Colorado, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz still wants people to go to jail for smoking it. Cruz slammed Obama for not doing more about the issue because while the state law allows … Read More

300,000 Without Water as Danger of Chemical Leaked into WV’s Elk River Still Unknown

A chemical spill in southern West Virginia has turned off the tap for nearly 300,000 residents in 9 counties near Charleston. Freedom Industries, a producer of specialty chemicals for the mining, steel and cement industries, was responsible for the leak … Read More

Study Suggests Racist Treatment Causes Aging In Black People

A new study has found that African-American men who have experienced consistent racism literally age more quickly than those who have not, The effects are made even more significant when the black men who experience racism have an “internalized bias,” … Read More

Ann Coulter Says ‘There Is No Racism In America’

So much for an Ann Coulter-free 2014. The always controversial conservative has accused liberal media outlets of “inventing racism” for the sake of ratings. Coulter also said that racism is typically trumped up by Democrats in general as a method … Read More

For First Time, Most Members of Congress Are Millionaires

In case you thought that Congress is out of touch with “real people problems,” you were right as a new report from the Center of Responsive Politics has found that more than half of Congress’ 534 members are millionaires for … Read More

O’Reilly And Ingraham Defends Christie In Bridge Scandal: He’s Not A Dummy

Chris Christie was criticized for denying that members of his administrations knew about creating a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge. Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham defended Christie in the bridge scandal. Christie was conciliatory during the press conference. He … Read More

Man Sentenced To Jail For Racist Black Doll Lynching Video In KKK Costume

British resident Christopher Philips outraged plenty of people by posting a video of himself in a Klan robe as he lynched a black rag doll, but he is now facing the consequences for his actions. He was sentenced this week … Read More