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Daily Archives: January 13, 2014

The Anti-Fundamentalist Joke Behind Oklahoma’s Satanic Goat Statue

The plans for a 7 foot-tall satanic image scheduled for the Oklahoma capitol building has sparked outrage among the religious right.  Yet, as it turns out right-wing Christian groups may have a reason to feel slighted. The satanic goat at the center … Read More

New Chris Christie Scandal: Misuse of Sandy Relief Funds

If Bridgegate wasn’t enough, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has found himself embroiled in another scandal as The Chicago Tribune reports that the 2016 Republican frontrunner is under federal investigation for misusing relief funds directed to the state after Superstorm … Read More

Right-Wing Flashback: Pat Robertson Blames Haiti Earthquake on ‘Pact with the Devil’

On Sunday, Haiti marked the four-year anniversary of the devastating quake with solemn memorials and a day of quiet around the country.  President Michel Martelly ordered all flags flown at half-staff, encouraged broadcaster to select music appropriate for the occasion … Read More

Jake Tapper To Lone Navy SEAL Survivor: I Didn’t Say They Died For Nothing

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, rips CNN’s Jake Tapper sharing his thoughts on the movie, Lone Survivor. Tapper was accused of suggesting that Luttrell’s fellow SEALs died for nothing in Afghanistan. He said that it’s not what he meant. … Read More

Three Gems of Religious Right Wisdom to Kick Off 2014

  With talk of the so-called War on Christmas finally ended, during the first weeks of January the religious right turned to more perennial and tested foes, homosexuality and Barack Obama. Yet not to be outdone by Garrow’s prediction that Obama … Read More

Brain-Dead Teenager Gets Feeding And Breathing Tubes Against Hospital Advice

Despite being clinically brain dead for nearly a month, the family of an Oakland teenager has won a court battle to have feeding and breathing tubes inserted in their daughter. Jahi McMath went into cardiac arrest after tonsil surgery last … Read More