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Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Regional Soccer Referees Given Instructions On Handling Racist Chants From Fans

As soccer organizations worldwide are being urged to put a stop to the racist chanting that takes place from fans during some games, Soccer referees in North and Central America and the Caribbean have been given clear instructions on how … Read More

Did CNN Reporter Randi Kaye Smoke Pot Before Marijuana Segment?

CNN reporter Randi Kaye should have invested in some eye drops before her segment on marijuana tours in Colorado. Kaye appeared visibly stoned in an interview with Cooper, giggling constantly and appearing unable to fully open her eyes after being … Read More

Photos Of US Marines Burning Iraqi Corpses (With A Smile) Go Viral

Somehow, trashy gossip site TMZ has broken the story on a political scandal. The US Marine Corps are launching an investigation into the eight photos that the website posted of troops burning corpses in Fallujuh, Iraq, even mugging for the … Read More

A 7 Day Work Week? GOP Senator Seeks to Overturn Wisconsin’s Day of Rest Law

GOP State Senator Glenn Grothman is pushing for a change in a Wisconsin labor protection law that would allow a seven-day work week, without rest, for workers.  The plan, which his explained in an e-mail addressed to fellow lawmakers “would … Read More

10 Examples of Welfare For The Uber Rich

Flip on the news and you’re bound to see a conservative pundit decrying the evils of welfare and government assistance. At the same time, there are plenty of other “welfare” programs that are simply called something different; tax subsidies. And … Read More

Cenk Uygur Defends Jake Tapper: Deaths In Afghanistan Were Senseless

Since the interview with former Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, Jake Tapper of CNN has been defending himself from those who criticize him for suggesting that the death of those in Afghanistan were senseless. Tapper share his thoughts on the film, … Read More

Chris Christie Addresses Bridge Scandal: “I Am Ultimately Responsible”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claimed responsibility for any “good and bad” caused by his administration during his State of the State address and vowed to “cooperate with all appropriate inquiries” regarding controversy over accusations about a possible political vendetta. … Read More

Colorado Fights Driving While High On Pot With New Campaign

Marijuana may be legal for adults in Colorado now, but it’s still illegal to get behind the wheel while high. The state is hoping to make that message loud and clear with a federal grant they just received to tackle … Read More

Nigeria Makes ‘Gay Associations’ Punishable By Years In Prison

As the U.S. is deeply embroiled in the fight over whether same-sex marriage should be legal, gays in Nigeria are trying to avoid prison for being who they are. A new law passed in the conservative African country, referred to … Read More