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Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

The Right-Wing’s Satan in 2014: Bigger, Better and More Gay

Between using Miley Cyrus to teach young girls demonic sex rites to trying to outlaw Christianity and murdering God-fearing Christians, 2013 turned out to be a busy year for Satan.  Yet, not to be outdone, during the first weeks of … Read More

Black Woman Furious Over ‘Racist’ Password Sent By Health Organization

A black woman in the U.K. is demanding an apology after National Health Service sent her a password called “charcoal shade,” which she believed to be racist. Leanda Probert was looking to book a pain management appointment through the NHS … Read More

CBS President ‘Mortified’ By Racist Comments On ‘Big Brother’

The President of CBS entertainment is finally speaking about the racism scandal that rocked CBS reality show Big Brother last summer. Several of the contestants, including Aaryn Gries and Ginamarie Zimmerman, were caught making outrageously racist and homophobic comments both … Read More

National Institutes of Health Will Start ‘Mining’ Your Social Media For Drug Data

You might want to think twice before posting a photo of yourself drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette. The NIH has committed $5 million to “mine” Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to assess the population’s alcohol and drug … Read More

Michelle Obama Turning 50; What’s Next On Agenda For First Lady?

Michelle Obama turns 50 tomorrow and is celebrating with a ’50 and Fabulous’ party, but many are wondering what will be next in the upcoming three years for the First Lady. While she has proved to be an immensely popular … Read More

California’s New Minority Group: White People

According to a new report by SFGate, California is set to become America’s first minority-majority state as the state’s Latino population is expected to surpass the population of white people by March. According to the latest population projections, Latinos are … Read More

Garrow: ‘Liberal Media Burying Hillary Clinton’s Unethical, Watergate Past’

Right-wing pundit and conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow is pointing fingers again, this time at the liberal media who has worked up to cover up Hillary Clinton’s early career firing during the Watergate scandal. “One of the things we teach our … Read More

Kanye West Threatens To Leave U.S. Over Racism

Part of being a parent is explaining racism to your children and Kanye West said he is now “dreading” having that future discussion with infant daughter North. The rapper came to this realization after he allegedly punched a teenager in … Read More