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Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

Florida High School Suspends Teenager For Starring In Gay Porn

A high school senior who appeared in a gay porn film was suspended by his school and told he would not be allowed to graduate this year due to his adult film work. Robert Marucci, who goes by the stage … Read More

Former GOP Star Governor Bob McDonnell Indicted on Corruption Charges

Former Virginia Governor and Republican rising star Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, have been indicted on federal corruption charges and face 14 felony counts after allegedly illegally accepting gifts from prominent business owner Jonnie Williams. The indictment comes just … Read More

Half of Black Men Arrested by Age 23

A new study published in the Crime & Delinquency Journal has found that nearly 50 percent of all black men have been arrested at least once for non-traffic crimes by the time they are 23-years-old. Based on data collected by … Read More

KKK Celebrate MLK Day By Branding Him As ‘Communist Pervert’

Members of the Ku Klux Klan celebrated Martin Luther King Day yesterday by handing out fliers which labeled him a “communist pervert.” Members of the white supremacist group passed out fliers throughout various towns across the U.S., including in east … Read More

Racist Fashion Photo Of Black Woman ‘Chair’ Goes Viral

A European website has come under fire for a photo shoot that many have taken to be racist. Dasha Zhukova, the partner of a British soccer club owner Roman Abramovich, was photographed sitting on a chair made from the half-naked … Read More

Advocates to GOP Senator Vitter: ‘Forcing People to Show ID to Use Food Stamps Would Hurt the Poor’

Last Wednesday, Louisiana Senator David Vitter proposed a new measure to stop food stamp fraud. His proposed bill, the Food Stamp Fraud Prevention and Accountability Act would require all food stamp (SNAP) recipients to show a valid photo ID every … Read More

Beyond Bridgegate: Three Other Chris Christie Conspiracies You Probably Never Heard Of

As the subpoenas pile up in Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal and accusations continue to fly in the Garden State, there is no shortage of controversy surrounding the larger than life New Jersey governor set to officially start his second term … Read More