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Daily Archives: January 22, 2014

VIDEO: Black Teenager’s Genitals Destroyed In Stop-And-Frisk Search By Cop

An African-American teenage boy has likely been denied the chance to ever father children after his genitals were destroyed during an unwarranted stop-and-frisk search by police. 16-year-old Darrin Manning was sexually assaulted by a cop who decided that he looked … Read More

Racist MLK Day Fraternity Party Prompts Action From University

A highly racist fraternity party at Arizona State University that mocked Martin Luther King Jr. Day is sparking plenty of controversy. Tau Kappa Epsilon held an MLK Day “Black Party,” in which participants drank out of watermelon cups and wore … Read More

LAPD Cop Avoids Charges After Firing 100 Rounds Of Ammo At Innocent Civilians

Despite permanently disabling an innocent man and firing 100 rounds of ammo at two women without any justification to do so, the L.A. County District Attorney has decided not to press any charges against the offending policeman. Torrance Officer Brian … Read More

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets Wasted In Public, Yet Again

The ongoing substance abuse problems of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford seem to show no signs of slowing down. Ford appeared drunk while ranting about Toronto’s police chief at a fast food restaurant earlier this week and acknowledged that he had … Read More

No, Global Warming is Not a Myth Just Because It is Cold Outside Today

As much of the United States freezes in an arctic chill, it is easy to assume those who think climate change is still making the earth hotter are a little nuts. In fact, just in the last year alone, climate … Read More

Woman Sues City For Cops Tasering Her While Handcuffed

A woman who was tasered in the chest after already being handcuffed by police is now filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Nakina Williams is suing the city of McAlester, Okla. for $2 million  in damages after the incident last June … Read More