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Daily Archives: January 24, 2014

VIDEO: Comedian Sarah Silverman Hilariously Slams Republican Efforts To Control Women’s Health

Apparently, Jesus is pro-choice. That’s according to comedian Sarah Silverman, who posted a hilarious YouTube video that has racked up over 515,000 views in just 72 hours. In the sketch video, Silverman is visited by Jesus and asked to help … Read More

In Attempt to Stop Losing, GOP Changes Primary Rules

After Republican in-fighting cost Mitt Romney a ton of money in his primary battle and left him weakened heading into the general election, the Republicans have changed their primary rules and schedule in an attempt to not look as bad … Read More

Elementary School Teacher Placed On Leave Over Sexy Modeling Pics

A special education teacher in Massachusetts has been placed on paid administrative leave for what amounts to being too sexy for the classroom. Teacher’s aide and part-time model Kaitlin Pearson is now being investigated by the Fitchburg public school district … Read More

Former Cop Sentenced To Lengthy Jail Term For Racist Behavior

former Connecticut cop has been sentenced to jail for his racist actions that included the false arrest and assault of a Latino business officer. Dennis Spaulding was given five years in jail after being convicted last October of violating the … Read More

University Expels Fraternity For Racist MLK Day Party

Arizona State University has expelled the fraternity who threw a racist “black party” on Martin Luther King Day earlier this week, which featured students wearing stereotypically black clothing and drinking out of watermelon cups. Tau Kappa Epsilon had its recognition … Read More

Democrats Profiting Off Mike Huckabee’s Birth Control Comments

Democrats are already cashing in on the sexist comments made by Republican Mike Huckabee. The former Arkansas governor stated that Democrats don’t believe women can “control their libido” without the help of the government, prompting DNC officials to send out … Read More

Food Stamps to Buy Weed? Fox News Report Rumor, Not Fact

This week Fox News took advantage of the right-wing’s anti-pot frenzy by running an untrue story claiming people could use food stamps to buy legal marijuana in Colorado.  “Food stamps for pot!” Fox News proclaimed in a Jan. 21 segment … Read More