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Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Rep. Trey Radel Resigns From Office After Cocaine Scandal

Florida congressman Trey Radel has resigned from his seat due to his drug scandal that took place at the end of last year. Two months after pleading guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession, the Republican politician submitted a letter to House … Read More

Is Jahi McMath Alive? Brain Dead Teenager Moves Feet In New Video

Is Jahi McMath alive? The brain dead teenager, whose family waged a bitter war with Children’s Hospital Oakland after the facility wanted to remove the tubes keeping her alive, is seen allegedly moving her feet in a new video. A … Read More

GOP Apologizes For Posting Racist Flowchart to Facebook Page

The Iowa GOP has come under fire for posting a highly offensive flowchart on their Facebook page to identify racism. The flowchart, which was given the title “Is someone a racist,” included a post urging viewers to share it “unless … Read More

Fox News Contributor: Black ‘Rage’ Is What Makes White People Racist

A Fox News contributor has declared that racism is largely over in America and that any which remains is due to the “rage” of African-Americans. American Family Radio host Sandy Rios was accused of being racist towards black people by … Read More

Billionaire: Top 1% Faces Holocaust-Level Hate

According to Tom Perkins, a billionaire venture capitalist, no one has it quite so tough as America’s top 1 percent of earners. In a letter in The Wall Street Journal, Perkins compared the hate directed at America’s uber-rich to the … Read More

Heads Up Tourists, Pot Still Not Cool at Colorado Airports

Even though marijuana possession for personal use is now legal in Colorado for adults, public consumption of pot is still not permitted and can still get you in hot water with the local law.  Once you step into Colorado’s airports, … Read More

Hospital Claims All Guidelines Met after Bronx Man Dies in ER Waiting Room

A 30-year-old New York City man died in a Bronx hospital while waiting for emergency care.  Joe Verrier, who had come to St. Barnabas Hospital for treatment for a rash, was found dead eight hours after arriving at the facility … Read More

Anti-Abortion Activist: ‘Abortions Don’t Un-Rape Women’

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose says women who have been raped should be forced to carry their babies to full term if they become pregnant from the attack.  The Live Action president made the shocking claims during a Jan.22 round table … Read More

Even GOP Won’t Back This Woman’s Rants that Autism, Bad Weather Caused by Gay Rights

Even the Republican Party cannot stand for the hate-filled rhetoric of Susanne Altanus, an Illiniois-based GOP candidate running for Senate.  Calling her words “offensive,” Jack Dorgan, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, issued a statement distancing the party from the … Read More