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Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

Right Wing Pundits: ‘Grammy Awards Turned into Satan-Honoring, Freakfest, Spitball Aimed at God’

Right wing pundits are up in arms after a marriage ceremony, featuring both gay and straight couples, played center stage at this year’s Grammy ceremony. Queen Latifah presided over the legal wedding of 33 couples on a chapel-inspired stage during … Read More

Bishop Who Performed Anti-Gay Exorcism in Illinois Claims He Acted Out of Love, Not Hate

The Catholic Bishop from Illinois who held a rare public exorcism to rid the state of gay marriage last November has come out about his motivations behind the ceremony in an interview with LifeSiteNews. Bishop Thomas Paprocki said that despite … Read More

Federal Government Turns Higher Profit Than Apple on Student Loans Alone

According to a new report, the federal government made $42.5 billion in profits from student loan debt in the 2013 fiscal year. That’s more than Apple’s $37 billion in worldwide profits – and that’s a down year consider the fed … Read More