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Daily Archives: January 29, 2014

White House Petition: ‘We Want Justin Bieber Removed From Our Society’

Over 155,000 Americans have signed a White House petition calling for the deportation of troubled pop prince Justin Bieber. The web petition, part of the Obama administration’s ‘We the People’ initiative to encourage Americans to voice their concerns to the … Read More

CEO Tells ‘Daily Show’ That Mentally Retarded Workers Should Earn $2 Per Hour

Most of the content on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is hysterical, but a CEO recently interviewed on the program made horrifically offensive comments about mentally retarded people. Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff spoke to correspondent Samantha Bee … Read More

Fox News Host Martha MacCallum: Women Don’t Want Equal Pay

Fox News host Martha MacCallum is inexplicably waging her own war on women. After Barack Obama called for an end to workplace discrimination in his State of the Union address, MacCallum declared that women don’t want equal pay and are … Read More

KKK Leader Will Plead Guilty To Cross Burning In Black Neighborhood

A KKK leader in Southern Alabama intends to plead guilty next week to a 2009 cross burning in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Steven Joshua Dinkle burned the cross in an attempt to intimidate residents and then lied to investigators once … Read More

Kanye West Pays $250,000 To Teen He Punched Over Racist Comments

Losing your temper can come at a hefty cost — just ask Kanye West. The rapper will pay a $250,000 settlement to a teenager that he repeatedly punched in the face earlier this month. The incident came after the teenager … Read More

Teacher Fights Back: ‘I Never Told a Little Girl to Shut Up about Christmas and Her Faith’

The story of 6-year-old Brynn Williams attempt to talk about her family’s Christmas tradition has become the religious right’s latest ‘proof’ that Christians across America are under threat. Yet, according to a statement just released by the teacher and school, … Read More

The 6 Craziest Conservative Responses to Obama’s State of the Union

The State of the Union address can sometimes turn into hollow, if not empty, rhetoric but it is also the most over-analyzed speech anyone gives in any given year. Since Twitter has gone mainstream and entered the political news cycle, … Read More