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Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes on Creationist in Live Debate

On Feb. 4, scientist Bill Nye took creationist Ken Ham head-on in a live debate hosted by the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. The debate, which aired live to internet viewers, raised the question, “Is creation a viable model of … Read More

Spunky Girl Scout Vows to Still Meet Cookie Goal After Man Pulls Gun on Her During Sale

It’s tough to be a Girl Scout these days. First, conservative groups accused the khaki-clad do-gooders of selling a side of abortion advocacy with this year’s Thin Mints and launched a cookie boycott to stop sales. Now, it is not … Read More

VIDEO: Official Trailer For Documentary On Neo-Nazi Creating All-White Town

A new documentary about white supremacist Craig Cobb’s plans to turn a North Dakota town into an all-white haven is currently in the works, and the trailer for Leith, N.D. is already sparking controversy.  In 2012, neo-Nazi Cobb moved to … Read More

‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Denies Being Racist After Listing ‘Superior’ Groups In New Book

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua has denied being racist despite promoting a new book that lists Chinese-Americans and Cubans among the seven most “superior” groups. The author co-wrote her latest book with her husband Jed Rubenfeld, entitled The Triple Package: How … Read More

Students Sign Petition to Have Gun Owners Executed in Concentration Camps

Mark Dice is a conspiracy theorist and author but also a media analyst and political prankster who records himself easily persuading people to sign petitions to repeal the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and even the entire Bill of Rights to … Read More

US Prisons: More Wrongfully Convicted People Than Ever

According to a new report by the National Registry of Exonerations, more wrongfully convicted people were exonerated last year than ever before, leading many to wonder just how many innocent people remain behind bars across the US. According to the … Read More