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Daily Archives: February 5, 2014

Bill Clinton Accused Of Affair With ‘Austin Powers’ Actress Elizabeth Hurley

Bill Clinton’s personal life is making headlines once again after Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore made shocking claims that Elizabeth Hurley, best known for her starring role in the Austin Powers movies, had a year-long affair with the President … Read More

Texas Woman Set For Execution Today Over Murder Of Disabled Man

A woman from Texas will become just the 14th female since 1976 to be executed in the U.S. when she receives a lethal injection today. Suzanne Basso, 59, was sentenced to death nearly 15 years ago for her 1998 murder … Read More

Conservative Gun Lobbyist: Black Americans Need ‘Attitude’ Lesson From ‘Happy’ Africans

Conservative gun lobbyist Larry Pratt has sparked outrage with his extremely racist comments about black people in America, declaring that they need an “attitude” lesson from “happy” Africans. Speaking on the Gun Owner’s News Hour radio show, Pratt declared that … Read More

One day After Evolution vs. Creation Debate, Aussies and Christians Line Up to Distance Themselves from Ken Ham

One day after the evolution vs. creationism debate held at the Creation Museum, the internet has lit up with folks that want you to know that even if they are Australian or Christian, they are nothing like the Australian-born creationist … Read More

DMX vs. George Zimmerman: Boxing Match Between Trayvon Martin’s Shooter And Rapper Set For March

In what might be one of the most watched online events of the year, Trayvon Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman will square off in a boxing match against multi-platinum rapper DMX. The date and location of the fight have yet to … Read More

Bill Nye Talks ‘Traditional Fish Sex’ and the Unromantic Reason We Really Have Sex

In the ’90s Bill Nye the Science Guy entertained young audiences with his zany experiments that taught that science could be fun and exciting. During last night’s creation vs. evolution debate beamed live through cyberspace, though, the bow-tied science educator … Read More

Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Colorado’s Marijuana Laws ‘Dangerous To Liberty’

Sen. Ted Cruz is continuing to speak out against President Barack Obama allowing Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington state approved ballot measures to legalize marijuana in 2012, but federal law still prohibits the possession … Read More