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Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Texas Man Pays Lunch Bills So No Kid Will Be Singled Out With ‘Debtor’s Lunch’

In late January, students at Uintah Elementary in Utah had their school lunches snatched out of their hands and trashed in front of them because they had unpaid balances on their school lunch bill.  In place of lunch, they were given … Read More

Creationist on Bill Nye’s ‘Amoral’ Evolution: ‘If I’m Hitler and You’re a Jew, Sorry, You’re Lunch’

Creationist author Terry Mortenson lashed out out at Bill Nye’s claim that he finds joy in scientific discovery. Demanding that science without faith is “purposeless,” Mortenson said the non-theistic viewpoint of Nye steals joy from Christianity and uses it to … Read More

White Supremacist Fighting To Overturn Execution Sentence

A white supremacist convicted of triple murder and currently on death row has asked for a new hearing in his case in the hopes of having his future execution overturned. Oklahoma native Danny Lee was convicted along with Chevie Kehoe … Read More

Man Found Dead With Slit Throat And Missing Ear, But Ruled As ‘Overdose’ After Shady Investigation

After what many believe was a shoddy investigation into the death of a Texas man, prosecutors have turned the case over to the state attorney general’s office for their own review. Alfred Wright went missing last Nov. 7 after calling … Read More

Worker Fired After Protesting Racist Images Wins Huge Payout

A restaurant worker who was fired by his employer for complaining about racist images was awarded $56,000 in damages. In 2010, African-American waiter Dion Miller complained to several managers at Sparx Restaurant in Menomonie, Wis., after he found several offensive … Read More

America’s Next President: Mike Huckabee?

As Chris Christie plummets from frontrunner status amid numerous scandals and a federal investigation, former Arkansas Mike Huckabee has suddenly taken the lead in the Republican primary race and is within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in general election polling. … Read More