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Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Amanda Knox Offered Porn Contract After Second Guilty Conviction

Amanda Knox made headlines last month after receiving a second guilty conviction on murder charges by an Italian court , but a porn company is now trying to drag her name further through the mud by offering her the chance … Read More

First Openly Gay Active NFL Player Comes Out

Even though there are well over 1,500 active NFL players, there is not one openly gay active player in the entire league. In fact, there isn’t one in the NBA, MLB, or NHL either. That will all change in May … Read More

‘McGruff the Crime Dog’ Gets Sniffed out by Police Dog, Now Faces 16 Years in Jail

One of the McGruff the Crime Dog’s alter egos clearly did not learn from his anti-crime presentations. John R. Morales, who played the crime-fighting pooch in the late 90’s for Texas area schools has been sentenced to 16 years in … Read More

Athletes and Fans Take to Twitter to Complain About Sochi’s Failures, Safety Concerns and Elevators

Long before the hashtags #SochiFail and #SochiProblems turned into the latest twitter trend, the Russian Olympics were already off to a rough start. During the pre-game torch relay, the iconic Olympic flame just kept going out or burning too brightly, … Read More

Gay, Disabled or on Welfare? You are Not Welcome at This Oklahoma Restaurant

An Enid, Oklahoma restaurant owner is not backing down after a slew of complaints about his biased and racist service policies surfaced recently on social media. Gary James, owner of Gary’s Chicaros has made it clear unless you are white, have … Read More

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Bans Rainbow Flag At City Hall, Calls Gay People ‘Irrelevant’

The crazy behavior of disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shows no signs of slowing down. A rainbow flag had been flying at Toronto’s City Hall to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws and show support for gay Canadian athletes competing at the … Read More

‘Affluenza’ Teen Escapes Jail For Second Time On New Assault Charges

Ethan Couch, the 16-year-old who escaped jail time after driving drunk and killing four people due to an “affluenza” diagnosis, has escaped jail once again. The Texas teenager pleaded guilty this week to two intoxication assault counts against him stemming … Read More

Private School Apologizes For Racist Black History Month Lunch Menu

A private school in California attempted to celebrate Black History Month with a horribly ill-advised menu that included watermelon and fried chicken. Carondelet High School, located in the town of Concord, sparked outrage for the racist menu and has since … Read More