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Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

Ralph Reed: ‘God Helped Me Learn Obama Was a Fraud in 1997’

A former Bush-Cheney campaign advisor has known for 17 years that Barack Obama is a fraud. Ralph Reed, the founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition recently announced that in 1997, God nudged his path so that Obama’s true nature … Read More

Will ‘Loud Rap Music’ Shooter Michael Dunn Become Next George Zimmerman?

Michael Dunn, who shot a black teenager to death in 2012 partially over loud rap music, took the stand for the first time in his murder trial. The software engineer from Florida has claimed self-defense and said that he only … Read More

Ultimate Fighting Hopeful Denied Contract Over Racist Instagram Post

An Ultimate Fighting Championship hopeful has been officially banned from the organization before ever winning a contract due to his outrageously racist Instagram post. Aussie teenager Tyler Manawaroa is currently competing on The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs Australia, which … Read More

Ann Coulter: Obama Acts Like “Manchurian Candidate” From Kenya

Ann Coulter has continued her tirade against Barack Obama by declaring that he acts like a “Manchurian candidate” from Kenya. While the political pundit wasn’t trying to argue that Obama isn’t from America when she spoke yesterday on Howie Carr’s … Read More

Republicans Creating Scam Sites to Literally Steal Democrats’ Donations

There are some shady dealing in politics but a new string of scam websites created by Republican operatives may just take the cake. According to CNN, operatives from the National Republican Congressional Committee are regularly creating chameleon websites designed to … Read More

Don’t Mess With Her Bacon! Woman Shoots at McDonald’s After Order Foul-Up

A Michigan woman whose anger over a sandwich topping exploded into violence must settle for prison fare after shooting up a McDonald’s drive-thru. Shaneka Monique Torres is currently in custody after verbally assaulting an employee and opening fire on the … Read More

Is It a Scam? A Hedonistic Cult Plans to Open African Clinic to Reverse Female Genital Mutilation

A Hedonistic cult that believes humans were created by aliens to experience pleasure is the force behind Africa’s first hospital dedicated to restoring pleasure and dignity to victims of genital mutilation. Kamkazo Clinic, also called Pleasure Hospital,  started as a … Read More

Olympic Flame Lighter Offers Insincere Apology For Racist Obama Tweet

Irina Rodnina, a former three-time Olympic figure skating champion who helped light the Olympic torch last weekend in Sochi, has offered a half-hearted apology for her racist tweet last fall about the Obamas. The tweet showed a hand holding a … Read More

Samuel L. Jackson Slams Reporter For Confusing Him With Laurence Fishburne

Samuel L. Jackson publicly slammed an entertainment reporter who confused him for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview, declaring that “we don’t all look alike!” KTLA reporter Sam Rubin was interviewing Jackson about his new film Robocop, but made the … Read More

Florida Legislators Trying To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Is Florida the next state to get on the green train? Two bills were introduced on Monday by Florida state legislators to legalize medical marijuana in the 2014 legislative session. A constitutional amendment on the issue will come up for … Read More