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Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

VIDEO: Sports Anchor Brilliantly Slams Critics Of Gay NFL Hopeful Michael Sam

Michael Sam, the gay college football star who is expected to be drafted into the NFL next season, has endured plenty of criticism recently for his sexuality. While some of his college teammates said that didn’t “approve” of his homosexuality, … Read More

Teenager Brutally Beaten In Hate Attack Over Ethnicity

An Illinois teenager is currently in juvenile hall on felony hate crime charges after beating a fellow student simply because of his ethnic background. 13-year-old Omid Babakhani, who is of Persian descent, suffered two broken collarbones and other injuries in … Read More

George Zimmerman’s BFF Making TV Career As White Supremacist

Only in America: George Zimmerman’s BFF, Frank Taaffee, has somehow managed to make a career out of being a white supremacist. Best known for perhaps being the only pro-Zimmerman voice on television during and after the trial, the fellow neighborhood … Read More

Fox News Guest: ‘Skip the Pity Valentines, Kindergarten Kids Need to Know the World is Not Fair’

Apparently, it is never too early to learn life is unfair. In a rant about a note sent to parents of kindergarteners asking them to bring Valentines for all of their classmates, Fox News guest Elizabeth Esther said that it is about … Read More

Billionaire CEO: The Poor Should Stop Whining

According to billionaire CEO Bud Konheim, the poor should stop complaining and realize “how lucky they are.” Konheim, the chief executive and founder of luxury fashion brand Nicole Miller, took to the airwaves on Wednesday with a message for the … Read More

Alabama Casinos Lining Pockets of Anti-Gambling Republicans

Alabama Republicans running on an anti-gambling campaign aren’t afraid to turn to Indian casinos for campaign cash, as long the donations can be laundered through a third-party. In a story reported by the New York Times, an Alabama tribe hoping … Read More

Anti-Gay Activist: ‘Valentine’s Day is Only for Straight People, You Can Thank God for That’

Same sex couples have no business celebrating Valentine’s Day, according to Randy Thomasson. The head of the anti-gay advocacy group Save California announced in a recent podcast that the day of romance was intended only for people who are straight. … Read More

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Clarifies ‘Extreme Conservatives’ Comment

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has attempted to diffuse the backlash over his controversial comments last month about “extreme conservatives.” He came under fire last month for saying that “extreme conservatives, who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay … have no … Read More