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Daily Archives: February 17, 2014

After the Death of Snake-Handling Reality Star, Son Vows to Continue in Father’s Faith

Pentecostal preacher and snake handler Jamie Coots has died from a snakebite. The Kentucky native, who had recently been featured on the National Geographic reality show ‘Snake Salvation’ refused life-saving treatment after the bite and decided instead to return home … Read More

Montana Prosecutor To Rape Victim’s Mom: ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

A prosecutor in Missoula, MT, has sparked outrage for his alleged discrimination towards multiple women who were victims of sexual assault. A U.S. Department of Justice investigation found that Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg belittled women who came in … Read More

Viral Photo Of Anti-Gay RSVP To Kids’ Birthday Party Confirmed As Fake

A viral photo of a hateful RSVP sent to two gay parents of a seven-year-old child turns out to have been a scam. The photo showed an invite for the birthday party of the little girl named Sophia, but included … Read More

George Zimmerman ‘Homeless’ And Suffering ‘From PTSD’

George Zimmerman has declared in a surprising new interview that he is homeless and suffers from PTSD due to his shooting of Trayvon Martin and the consequences that have followed from it. Speaking to Univision on the news show Aqui … Read More

Kanye West: Racist Media Intolerant Of My Interracial Relationship

Kanye West’s promise to halt his crazy rants in 2014 hasn’t been going so well. After an outrageous second half of 2013 that saw the rapper feud with everyone from Al Sharpton to the head of shoe retailer Zappos, he … Read More

Teen Killer Says Drugs, Sex and a Satanic Cult were Behind Her Murder Spree That Left 22 or More Dead

A 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman claims that her involvement in a satanic cult led her to kill at least 22 people. Miranda Barbour, who is currently being held on charges of killing Troy LaFerrara, a man she met on Craigslist, told … Read More

Ann Coulter: Obama Would be Impeached if He Wasn’t Black

In an interview on Fox News, conservative author Ann Coulter slammed the president’s recent push to circumvent Congressional inaction through the use of executive powers, saying he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president. “Different branches have … Read More

Obama-like Satan Has Been ‘Cast Out’ of Theatrical Release of Upcoming Jesus Epic

Last year, controversy erupted after Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s mini-series ‘The Bible’ featured a Satan character that bore a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama. To avoid making waves this time around,  when their Jesus epic hits theaters at … Read More

College Wrestler Suspended Indefinitely For Anti-Gay Tweets

A Kent State wrestler has been suspended from the team after posting a series of anti-gay tweets aimed at college football star Michael Sam. Sam, who is expected to be drafted into the NFL and thereby become the first openly … Read More

Outrageous Right-Wing Rant: ‘Shirley Temple Black’s Death Virtually Unnoticed Because She Did Not Twerk’

Grove City College professor Paul Kengor recently lamented that America’s ‘ungodly’ obsessions with twerking and Miley Cyrus are leading to the downfall of the nation. The proof, he claimed, is that Americans failed to pay proper tribute to  squeaky clean … Read More