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Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

Did ‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour Lie About Murdering 22 People?

The shocking claims of ‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour that she murdered well over 22 people could be a pathetic ploy for attention. After declaring that she went on a cross-country killing spree in six different states, including Alaska and North … Read More

Michael Dunn Cries ‘Victim’ In Death Of Teenager Jordan Davis

Michael Dunn, who could possibly spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering African-American teenager Jordan Davis, described himself as “the f*cking victim” in jailhouse phone conversations with his fiancee. Appearing to show little remorse for shooting the … Read More

KKK Outrage Town By Crashing Black History Month Event

An Arkansas community desperately trying to shed its racist reputation expressed outrage over numerous KKK members crashing a black history event last week. The town of Harrison held the event as a way to try and erase its reputation as … Read More

New Georgia License Plate Features Confederate Flag

Georgia civil rights advocates are up in arms over a new specialty license plate that boldly features the Confederate flag. As has been the case for decades, this latest move by the state has fueled an ongoing debate between those … Read More

Woman to Police: ‘Jesus Christ Placed My Infant on the Train Tracks to Die’

A Colorado woman is blaming Jesus for putting her infant on the railroad tracks in front of an approaching train. Jessica Sloan, who appeared in front of the Pueblo courts for the first time this week to answer to attempted … Read More