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Daily Archives: February 21, 2014

State Official Fired For Using Lynching Stories To Intimidate Black People

A medical service investigator who worked with the state of Tennessee for over 40 years was fired for telling family stories about lynching to intimidate a group of African-Americans. William Sewell was accused of telling the story last summer to … Read More

GOP Candidate Calls State Republican Assembly ‘Bunch Of Damn Bigots’

The first order of business for a GOP candidate in Georgia was to call out the blatant racism he saw in the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA). Derrick Grayson is hoping to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate, but is taking … Read More

Forget Swing States, Hillary Could Turn Red States Blue

Most elections are decided by a select few swing states. If the current 2016 polling trends continue, however, Hillary Clinton might not just win most swing states, she may even win some Republican strongholds like Louisiana. According to a new … Read More

‘Apprentice’ Villain Omarosa Running For L.A. School Board

Omarosa is best known for being fired three times on The Apprentice franchise, but she’s now hoping to be hired by the people of L.A. . The controversial reality villain has thrown her name into an election race along with … Read More