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Daily Archives: February 25, 2014

Ted Nugent Says Calling Obama ‘Subhuman Mongrel’ Isn’t Racist

Ted Nugent has found himself on the defensive as of late for his remark that Barack Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. With accusations of racism flying, Nugent has denied being a racist … Read More

VIDEO: George Takei Slams Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

George Takei is speaking out about the anti-gay bill that could be signed into law this week. The Star Trek and gay rights activist spoke on MSNBC show The Last Word, in which he declared that the bill was bigotry … Read More

Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Antics Being Made Into Hollywood Film

Dennis Rodman’s insane adventures in North Korea will likely be made into a Hollywood movie. Twentieth Century Fox has bought a comedy pitch called Dipomats, which is largely based on Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” trips to North Korea and meetings with … Read More

Republican Writes Bill to Ban Gay Players From NFL

Despite openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam being largely embraced by the football world, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman has penned a bill that would ban gay players from playing in the National Football League. According to Huffington Post, one Senator … Read More

Bill Nye: ’83 Percent of Child Deaths Worldwide are Preventable, So Let’s Address a Preventable Disaster’

Bill Nye the Science Guy is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, using his superbly logical mind to defend his views with cold hard facts. Earlier this month, this meant taking young earth creationist Ken Ham to … Read More

Texas Tea Party Candidate Calls Latinos ‘Wetbacks’ In Racist Interview

A Tea Party candidate from Texas has come under fire for referring to Latinos as “wetbacks” and claiming that using the racist slur is “as normal as breathing air in South Texas.” Republican Chris Mapp made the shockingly racist comments … Read More

Paula Deen Apologizes (Yet Again) For Using The N-Word

Paula Deen is continuing her national apology tour for admitting to making racist remarks. The controversial cooking queen is trying to plot a comeback after being dropped by the Food Network and almost all of her sponsors last year after … Read More

George Zimmerman Ally Frank Taafee Calls Oprah Winfrey N-Word In Racist Radio Rant

Frank Taafee, best known as the man who might be George Zimmerman’s only friend and ally, shockingly called Oprah Winfrey a “ni**er” during a white supremacist radio show that he hated. The audio clip is from October 2013, but is … Read More