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Daily Archives: February 27, 2014

Tea Party Response to Veto of SB1062: ‘Defeat of Bill will Lead to Tyranny (And a Run on Penis Cakes)’

“Tyranny is on the rise,” according to Tea Party commentator Judson Phillips. In a heated reply to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of SB1062, known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Judson warned that the veto of the bill will cause good … Read More

Louis Farrakhan: Black People Need Their Own Judicial System

Speaking in front of 18,000 people this past weekend in Detroit, Louis Farrakhan said the current judicial system was racist towards black people and the only way to correct this is to create separate systems for whites and blacks. Farrakhan … Read More

VIDEO: Pastor Says Obama Sending ‘White Homo Demons’ To Steal Black Men Away

Sometimes pastors could use a little healing themselves. A so-called NYC birther pastor posted an outrageous YouTube video this week that accused Barack Obama of plotting to have “white homo demons” lure black men away from dating black women. Atlah … Read More

Paula Deen: I’m Like That Black, Gay Football Player

In an interview with People Magazine, former Food Network host Paul Deen discussed her life since being let go by the network and used the opportunity to compare herself to gay NFL prospect Michael Sam. “I feel like ‘embattled’ or … Read More