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Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

Convicted Felon ‘Dr. Mike’ Offering ‘Jesus Shots’ in Oklahoma for $300 a Pop

Oklahoma physician ‘Dr. Mike’ has been injecting his patients with a miracle cure he claims will stop all their ills. The self-claimed former military special agent doctor, Dr. Mike sells his mysterious ‘Jesus Shot’ for $300 a pop to people … Read More

Pilot Responds to Man Who Tells Her ‘A Cockpit is No Place for a Woman’

A passenger who arrived safely during a recent flight to Victoria left a note for the pilot on the plane. Instead of thanking the aviation professional for an incident-free ride, however, the man used a napkin to ‘educate’ the female … Read More

Michele Bachmann: American Jews ‘Sold Out’ Israel For Obama

Michele Bachmann has outraged plenty of people in the American Jewish community by declaring they “sold out” in supporting Barack Obama. The Republican from Minnesota spoke out after the president made an agreement with Iran to temporarily hold off on … Read More

Republican Senator: Russia Invaded Ukraine Because of Benghazi

There is no shortage of people trying to tie the Russian incursion into the Ukrainian territory of Crimea into their own personal narrative but some are finding it a difficult fit. On Tuesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the … Read More

Republican Candidate: Obama Like Hitler, Stalin

Tim Donnelly, a Republican Assemblyman running for Governor of California, compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin over Obama’s stance on gun control. In a tweet sent on Tuesday, Donnelly posted a photo of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, … Read More

Will Solar Power Facebook Drones Soon ‘Invade’ the Developing World?

Facebook has plans to invest in drones. According to a deal first reported by TechCrunch and CNBC, Facebook has announced its intentions to purchase solar drone maker Titan Aerospace for $60 million. Sarah Perez and Josh Constine of Tech Crunch explained that “Facebook is … Read More

School Slammed For Forcing Girl To Stand Half-Naked In Sub-Zero Temperatures

A Minnesota school has come under fire for forcing a wet and half-naked student to stand outside in sub-zero temperatures. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz developed frostbite after being shepherded outside from a swimming class when the school’s fire alarm went off. … Read More